Counting down…one month to go before Chinese New Year, and my trip to Indonesia again!

Is it only me that I felt January is moving a bit too slow? It’s now only barely few days after the mid of the month. This month is like so long for me. It seems like year 2015 started out too slow somehow. Anyway, when I checked on the calendar just now, I realized that we are just one month from the much anticipated Chinese New Year festival. It will be celebrated by the Chinese worldwide (also known as Spring Festival) on 19th February 2015, and that would marks the start of the year of goat.


Whenever the time around the Chinese New Year comes, I’m always looking forward to take on variety of delicious new year cookies and biscuits. Now, I’m already requesting my dad to buy those quick. The Chinese New Year atmosphere is coming in slowly with lanterns display in various supermarkets, malls and streets, and I already can hear CNY music playing in several places. CNY is very great especially when we were still kids when we can gather and play around on basically anything we can think of in a huge house of a relative. Now, we have grown up and become adults, but I am still looking quite excited for Chinese New Year due to its holiday and also my usual annual family trip during CNY break.

If you did catch up with my past write-up last year, you would already knew that I would be flying to Jogjakarta, Indonesia during the CNY break next month for a few days of family vacation after we have booked the tour in MATTA Fair several months ago. It would be only a short trip for us this time as we wished to cut on the spending of the family to better prepare for the coming implementation of Goods and Services Tax (GST). Even before it starts, many hawkers had already raised their food prices. Very unreasonable. Many prices of goods already increased terribly already right now. It’s just so hard to save based on current worsening economic situation in Malaysia. The consumers suffer.

Okay…I shall stop my complaint and get back to my anticipation mood for the coming CNY and my holiday to Indonesia which is now roughly about a month from now. This will be my third consecutive trip to Indonesia, after I have been to Bali twice last year. This time, we will go to Jogjakarta, the place where the famous Borobudur temple is. Looking forward to visit that UNESCO World Heritage Site, and also some other popular tourist destinations there like Prambanan Temple, etc. This trip is considered quite affordable (less than two thousands for one person) when we compared it to other more favourite places we wished to go but have to put away those thoughts (Australia, Dubai, United States, Egypt, Greece, Turkey, etc).



(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)


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