Year 2015 started with new year fireworks across the world.

Happy New Year! Here is it I present to you clips of new year 2015 fireworks display from major cities in the world.

Taipei, Taiwan (From Taipei 101, former world tallest building)

Sydney, Australia (From the Harbour Bridge, and along its waterfront, always the best and the most massive every year)

London, United Kingdom (From London’s Eye ferris wheel and along its waterfront, second best behind Sydney)

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (From Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building and from its surrounding, new this year is the tower illuminated with animated LED lights for exceptional display)

Hong Kong, China (From its waterfront with the beautiful city skyline as the backdrop)

Singapore (From its city waterfront with Marina Bay Sands as the backdrop)

(All clips in this post are from Youtube)

My country, Malaysia does has fireworks too, from KLCC Park with iconic Petronas Twin Towers as the backdrop but the pyrotechnics display here is never spectacular and I find it not worthy for even to be shared here.

Best image shot of new year 2015 fireworks should be this one from Sydney, Australia. (Image from BBC) Wow!!!


Again, Happy New Year 2015 everyone! Let us have a great and awesome year ahead! Time to dispose off your 2014 calendar. (Source of image below:



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