Happy New Year! Hello, 2015!

We have now came to year 2015 finally! Happy New Year to all!


Let us take this time to say goodbye to year 2014 and leave all the sadness from the previous year behind. We should start the year with bright smile and anticipation for positive things to come. As we entered another new year, let us for a while look back on what we have gone through from the past years, then learn and improve from the those experiences so that we will be more prepared for our future ahead.

Let us all also hope that year 2015 would be bringing to us more joy and happiness, and would not turn out to be like 2014 when there were too many saddening events or tragedies across the world. My country, Malaysia have had already a very rough and troubled year in 2014. MH370, then MH17 and now QZ8501. 2014 tells us something; flying isn’t that safe after all.

Okay…let’s not ruin everybody’s mood now. It’s a joyous new year, man! 2015, let’s be great to all of us! I believed 2015 would be quite a crucial year for me too, as it will be the year when I have to make some impacting decisions and I may finally stay out of my comfort zone from this year onward and tries to achieve for the better. 2015 is also the ‘Year of Goat’ according to Chinese lunar calendar (that will only officially starts after Chinese New Year this coming February). I’m going to be 24 years old this year. Really getting old already huh….that’s why I mentioned earlier that it’s time for me to ‘wake up’ and start thinking to improve myself further.

Goodbye 2014, and hello to 2015! We welcome you, 2015! By the way, how do you spend the night of the new year’s eve? Eventhough many new year’s countdown celebrations in Malaysia has been cancelled as a mark of respect to the current on-going flood crisis, but the fireworks display at KLCC proceeded as usual and people may still take the time off to enjoy to usher for the new year in many other ways!



My blog’s header for this first month of the year also resembles fireworks, a must for a celebration. (A copy of the header shown below)

January 2015 Blog Header

Same with what the blog’s header says, let’s start the year with a bang! Last but not least, before I’m ending this first blog post of the year, I would like to wish everyone again a wonderful Happy New Year 2015!

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)



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