The last movie review in the year. And that’s for three movies in a row.

When the year is ending, there is always this time for me to catch up with some movies released early this year that I may have missed. I’m now also in the mission to increase the number of films this year that I have watched to at least 50 and currently, I’m short of only few more. In these few days when there are quite a number of breaks and free time, I had watched three movies in a row, and they are ”71′, ‘The Interview’, and ‘Penguins of Madagascar’. So, this post would be my last movie review in the year, and it will briefly highlights my opinions on that particular three films.

First is ”71′, a British historical action film that follows a young and disoriented British soldier whom is accidentally abandoned by his unit following a riot on the deadly streets of Belfast in 1971. Jack O’Connell starred as that British soldier named Gary. This is my second time seeing him (after first noticing him as the teenage villain in ‘Eden Lake’). Now, he has grown up and he contributed a fairly strong performance here that some senior actors should even learn from. Looking forward to see him in another film too entitled ‘Unbroken’. While I find parts of the story is a bit confusing (as I could not really catch up well with the heavy, quick and different English slang spoken in the film), this movie still stood out as one solid and gripping thriller that may surprise you. Out of 10 points, I rate ”71′ a total of 7.4.


Second of the three films is ‘The Interview’ which now receives great publicity when an organization believed to be linked to North Korea successfully hacked into Sony, which is the company distributing ‘The Interview’ for worldwide release. It is a political comedy film that tells about two men who run a celebrity talk show, and used the chance to interview North Korea’s supreme leader, Kim Jong-Un to assassinate him. Of course, North Korea would be angry of this. The film starred James Franco and Seth Rogen as the two main characters. Knowing this is another cheap and awkward comedy from their collaboration, I lowered very much of my expectation. Nothing is good or truly enjoyable from this movie. The comedy part isn’t nice, and the whole political thing behind it is insensitive and illogical (meant to be), and I’m quite annoyed. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘The Interview’ a total of 6.0. Both of them should stop working on another comedy again. This comedy just didn’t work out for me eventhough now it receives quite a good rating.


The last of the three films is the animated film ‘Penguins of Madagascar’. It is the spin-off movie of ‘Madagascar’ film franchise and focuses on the four penguins which join forces with an undercover organization called The North Wind to stop the villainous Dr. Octavious from turning all penguins across the world into monsters. I pretty much enjoyed this. It’s fun, simple yet interesting and it follows the typical routes or story but still manages to perform. I had a few laughs, and I even enjoyed this more than all the three ‘Madagascar’ films which are easily forgettable. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Penguins of Madagascar’ a total of 7.7.


There are few more films in 2014 that I have yet to watch and I’m looking forward to; The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1, Interstellar, Big Hero 6, Unbroken, etc. Would post my reviews for those films early next year once I have done with them.

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)


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