Let’s have a great Christmas this year!

Merry Christmas, girls and boys!


Today is already the Christmas Eve!!! It’s feeling great just by listening to some very popular classical Christmas songs these few nights. I’m not a Christian but I would still loved to be soaked into X’mas atmosphere, thanks to those lovely songs and amazing X’mas decorations in major shopping malls in my country to lift up the X’mas mood. Christmas is not very much celebrated traditionally here but we all would certainly enjoy the public holiday from this lovely festival. And with a day of leave applied on this Friday, that actually makes my Christmas holiday much better as the break continues till end of this weekend.

If you are unsure of what to plan with your family or friends on this Christmas break, then you may simply spend these awesome days like me; sitting comfortably at home and enjoying the ‘Home Alone’ film franchise. Remember the movie that tells about a kid being mistakenly left at home alone after his whole family went out for vacation. And the boy has to set up various booby traps at home against house intruders. It was very fun watching it when I was still a small kid. Now, despite I’m already 23, I still enjoyed the movie very much. A classic Christmas movie, of which its success led to multiple sequels, expanding the film franchise into 5 movies.


Christmas isn’t only about partying all night long with your friends or colleagues. Sometimes, it is also great just to spend the time warmly with your friends and foremost, family. Nevertheless, I do hope you have a great Christmas! For kids out there, I hope you do get lovely presents. If you unfortunately didn’t get any, don’t be sad. Take my sincere blessing and X’mas greeting as a special gift to you eventhough we may be thousand miles apart and that you don’t know me.


Last but not least, I would like to wish everyone a joyous Christmas! Merry X’mas and Happy Holiday! One last week to go before we say goodbye to year 2014 too!


(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)


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