TVB Awards Presentation 2014’s full result.

There you go for the full list of winners alongside of my opinion for this year’s TVB Awards Presentation (2014), concluded just now on the night of 15th December 2014 in a two and a half hour star-studded awards ceremony:


Best Informative Programme: Guardians of Life 2

Best Variety Programme: Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk

Best Special Programme: A Time of Love

Best Programme Host: Nancy Sit & Wong Cho-Lam (Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk)

Comment: Nothing much to comment on the four categories above. I did watch a little bit of the ‘Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk’ show which is no doubt very entertaining but sometimes goes overboard and getting awkward. But still happy for it to win. Hilarious show. On the other hand, ‘A Time of Love’ is also a good piece of short love dramas shot in four countries away from Hong Kong. 

Most Improved TV Female Artiste: Priscilla Wong (Return of the Silver Tongue, Swipe Tap Love, The Conquerors, Pilgrimage to Football Meccas, Chef Minor)

Comment: I didn’t watch any shows with Priscilla in it, so I’m actually rooting for Lin Xia-wei. Pity Samantha Ko; the hot favourite but didn’t manage to win. Try again next year. But I think Priscilla’s performances are very good this year (particularly from his first leading role in series Swipe Tap Love) as heard from other feedbacks.

Most Improved TV Male Artiste: Louis Cheung (Gilded Chopsticks, Black Heart White Soul, Come on Cousin, The Voice sr.4)

Comment: Very happy for Louis. Can really see his hard work this year, and he certainly is on the right track on improving his acting and expand his career. Watched all the series of which he participated and I enjoyed all of them. Sammy Shum, another hot favourite, has to try again next year. 

Most Favourite Drama Theme Song: Difficult to Love by Jinny Ng (Sub-theme song for Line Walker)

Comment: I think this award is purposely created this year to give to Jinny Ng for her very critically popular and addictive sub-theme song for Line Walker, the most talked-about series of the year too. Quite a nice song and deserved to win. 

Best Supporting Actress: Josie Ho (Tomorrow is Another Day)

Comment: This category is the weakest this year. Hard to choose. Previously, many tipped Sharon Chan to win, but I don’t agree. Her performance is only average in Line Walker. I would prefer Elena Kong over her, but Elena had just won it last year. So, I’m fine with Josie Ho winning this eventhough I didn’t watch Tomorrow is Another Day. Her acting is solid all the time.

Best Supporting Actor: Ram Tseung (Come on Cousin)

Comment: To be honest, I find that his role in Come On Cousin is not very significant or worthy of a win. For me, it’s just worthy of a nomination and worthy of the popularity he generated from his great singing of classical songs. In terms of acting, I still think Power Chan in Overachievers stands out. I really pitied Power Chan. He lost out a bit two years ago, and now the same happened. I hope his time to win this will come very soon (hope next year maybe). This category is the strongest this year. Very tough fight among all other talented nominees like Louis Cheung, Raymond Cho, Elliot Ngok, etc.

Most Favourite TV Female Character: Charmaine Sheh (Line Walker)

Comment: Expected. Everybody loves ‘Deng Jeh’ character so much. A very likable and appealing character that successfully brought us on a great ride watching the series from her hilarious scenes to her emotionally-challenging moments.

Most Favourite TV Male Character: Benz Hui (Line Walker)

Comment: No doubt the most iconic and unforgettable role of the year. ‘Foon Hei Gor’. Massive buzz and popularity. Besides than this role, Line Walker has been very good on producing overwhelming roles like ‘Deng Jeh’ (mentioned just now), ‘Bao Seed’. Kobe, etc. He upgraded from Best Supporting Actor win last year to Most Favourite TV Male Character this year. Awesome. He deserved it.

Best Leading Actress: Charmaine Sheh (Line Walker)

Comment: Expected. If Charmaine didn’t win this, I would have smashed the TV. Her comeback role in TVB in Line Walker is absolutely impressive, way above all the other nominees. Given a very good role and a nice series overall, her top-notch acting pushed everything beyond boundary as seen from her outstanding performances in Line Walker. Big round of applause for her. Before Liza Wang announced the winner name, everybody is already shouting her name. Now I imagined what will happen if it is not her. Haha…would be seriously impossible. Very happy for Charmaine. TV Queen in Singapore, Malaysia and now back at home too, Hong Kong this year.

Best Leading Actor: Roger Kwok (Black Heart White Soul)

Comment: Also happy for Roger to win this. TV King in Malaysia and Hong Kong this year (Singapore one won by Ruco Chan). He now tied the record for most wins in Best Actor (three times) with Wayne Lai and Gallen Lo. His performance as the main villain in Black Heart White Soul is brilliant. But in my opinion, I prefer Raymond Lam to win it. Raymond hasn’t win this before after so many years of hard work and I can see his acting has seriously excelled especially in Line Walker series. Too bad. I think he is the second in placing behind Roger. 


Best Series: Line Walker

Comment: Line Walker is the series this year that generated the most buzz, the most critically-acclaimed, the most watched series of the year, among the highest rated series in Hong Kong this year, and for me, the best series of the year too. So, I’m glad Line Walker won. Great story, great climax, great suspense, great casts, great acting, etc. Everything is good. Exceptional drama. 


Lifetime Achievement Award: Tam Bing-Man

Professionalism Acting Awards (x5): Law Lok-Lam, So Yan-Chi, Li Ka-Ding, Chu Wai-Tak, Ram Tseung

Comment: All the winners in the two categories above (all veteran artistes of course) are very deserving for recognition like this. They have acted for so many years and despite their frequent roles were only very minor, but they do made impact to the Hong Kong television industry for at least few decades. 


Overall comment of the awards show: There are too many time slots for advertisements. Really annoying and wasting time. In the end, they always cut short the part when the awards presenters or recipients wanted to deliver their speeches. And Carol Cheng is forever there to host this awards ceremony every year. Good to see her, but her voice tonight is not very well. Maybe she had a sore throat or what that makes the hosting quality deteriorated. As for the winner announcement, I prefer organizer to at least announce the top 5, top 3 or top 2 list to make things more intense and exciting, so that at least we knew who are the strong contenders just a bit behind the one winner in the respective categories. Anyway, the result is considered good this year. It’s fair (deserving ones won), and it is inevitable that the result every year may not be pleasing everyone.

Best moment of the awards show: When Chi Lam presented the Best Actor trophy to Roger Kwok, both of them took a selfie straight away on the stage. Haha…nice.


(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)


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