Review for ‘Overachievers’ and my last view before the TVB Awards Presentation next Monday.

‘Overachievers’ (名門暗戰) is a 30-episode modern Hong Kong television drama that revolves on Mike, the eldest son of a wealthy family whom breaks free from his dad’s business only to face much challenging situations outside from his business rival, his friends and even from within his family. It is one of this year’s TVB anniversary series, and it is also the last of the ten TVB series of the year I watched (Outbound Love, Storm in a Cocoon, Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain, Coffee Cat Mama, Gilded Chopsticks, The Ultimate Addiction, Black Heart White Soul, Line Walker, Come On Cousin, Overachievers).


From a very good line-up of casts to a story expected to be dramatic and exciting (in this kind of family, friend, business and betrayal thingy), I’m quite looking forward to ‘Overachievers’. I enjoyed this series thoroughly. Eventhough it did not brings out much climax, buzz or drama as wished for earlier, but the plot is still very solid and engaging. Perhaps, that is due to the huge number of interesting characters to focus on and that seriously helps to develop the storyline to put it above satisfaction. This series marked the return of all the five eunuchs from ‘The Confidant’, a 2012 ancient palace drama. They are Wayne Lai, Raymond Wong, Raymond Cho, Edwin Siu and Power Chan. Their chemistry and collaboration in ‘The Confidant’ is already well-praised and similar success is emulated here in ‘Overachievers’ eventhough this time it is a modern drama. The way they get along in this series, entangled in various problems or relationship issues is brilliant. All of them delivered excellent performances in their respective compelling and catchy roles, and surprisingly, everyone has their moments too. Perfect balance. JLC_01_a_20141103_L 10936785011978092955 Nancy Wu’s performance here should also be taken note of. She is still new in terms of taking on leading female role, but she did wonderfully here. Very solid acting, and she shall be placed on par with Kate Tsui and Linda Chung to fight for TV Queen next year onwards (this year already reserved for Charmaine all the way). Elliot Ngok also did fantastic here. Susanna Kwan’s character should be given more emphasis. More can actually be developed from her role as the wife whom can be more influential. But I guess most of the time is allocated for the five ‘eunuchs’. Haha…On the other hand, I don’t want to see Fred Cheng appearing in almost all the series now. I knew he is popular and is good in singing, but his acting should not have him being heavily promoted now by TVB. Maggie Shiu is downgraded to a minor role here, and I’m actually okay with that.

Had just finished its two-episode finale just now. I’m expecting memorable or at least a bit of plot twisting or over-the-top moments. In the end, everything seems to be short-lived here. Raymond Wong’s evilness falls short and died just like that. What a way to end his character. Maggie Shiu’s role ended yet by another typical car accident. Everything is too typical and predictable from its ending and that left me quite disappointed. It’s good all the way but ended so ‘normally’. Overall, it is still a good end-of-year series, but not a memorable one. Will only remember the strong five-men team and great Nancy from this drama. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Overachievers’ a total of 7.5. It tries to be overachiever, but ended up achieve nothing spectacular. 1416473525293 With only three days left to the prestigious TVB Awards Presentation 2014, and I have also write up my list of predictions on the nomination list not long ago, I’m here to give my final view again. Best Actor will be a nice fight between Wayne Lai (from 80% reduced to 60% chance since he had won it three times) , Roger Kwok (80% chance), Raymond Lam (his last year with TVB and the company may present him this as a gift, hence 60% award chance) and Ruco Chan (not so popular and often put aside currently, hence only 40% chance). Outcome, Roger Kwok to take Best Actor this year. For Best Actress, everyone already admit defeat to Charmaine Sheh. She has 90% chance of winning. Top 5 would be her (90%), Kate Tsui (60%), Linda Chung (50%), Krystal Tin (30%, she won it last year), and Tavia Yeung (30%). I prefer to add in Nancy Wu (40%) too eventhough I knew it’s not her time yet. Actually would love to add in Selena Li (30%) too. Big race there.

Best Supporting Actor is a tough fight with all very deserving hot nominees popping out this year. Benz Hui (60%, reduced since he won it last year, and now he is tipped for Most Favourite TV Male Character instead), Raymond Cho (40%, popular but his role not memorable enough), Power Chan (60%, missed a chance in 2012 by slight margin, great comeback now with likable role in Overachievers), Louis Cheung (50%, good in Black Heart White Soul), and Ram Chiang (50%, critically popular after Come On Cousin). No comment on Best Supporting Actress as this category is very weak this year.

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2 Responses to “Review for ‘Overachievers’ and my last view before the TVB Awards Presentation next Monday.”


    This show is in my best 5 list of TVB shows this year. I will rank it 2nd. I actually like the ending. It’s unpredictable (spoilers),

    like Wayne agreed to sell his Micapp to Raymond, the death of Maggie and Wayne’s reunite with his dad.

    And I agree with you. All the characters are likable, and I’m eager to know each of them.

    • it’s also in my best 5 list of the year. the ending for me looks too familiar and not giving out any wow feel. but still, overall its a solid series.

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