Movie review: The Pyramid (2014), and my blog hits 2.5 million views!

I’m still quite excited to watch ‘The Pyramid’ last Sunday even when I saw the many backlash the movie received. It is a horror film that revolves on an archeological team and their attempt to unlock the secrets of a newly discovered three-sided pyramid only to find themselves trapped and hunted inside. After the movie, I couldn’t sleep that night and that made my Monday blues much worse. Why? It’s too heavy and contained too many really frightening jump-scare scenes.


The story is very interesting. This movie reminds me of ‘As Above, So Below’, another horror film this year that is related to the underground catacombs of Paris and its God mythology. As for ‘The Pyramid’, it’s obvious that it is associated with Egyptian history and myths of course. ‘The Pyramid’ is something like ‘As Above, So Below’ but in a much more terrifying way. Both are still different, as ‘The Pyramid’ terrified us with creatures while ‘As Above, So Below’ scared us in supernatural way.

Some may say that this kind of archeological-themed horror story is too typical and predictable with the characters getting lost inside, and then killed one by one by an unknown force which would then be revealed later when the story develops. I’m still fine with the same old plot style. But I have to say that the front part before they entered the pyramid in the movie is quite draggy. But once they got in, prepare yourself for the trauma that follows. Get your heart ready. I strongly advise that this movie is not for the faint-hearted. The movie does contains several (quite a number of) crazy jump-scare moments and also is very heavy.



The extremely high volume of noise in the cinema when I’m watching it also further elevates all the fear in us. That means it worked as a good horror film. Successful on delivering well-earned shocks. So, I’m here on my point of disagreeing to the many negative reviews the movie had currently. The characters are fine and the casts did quite well to keep the atmosphere and momentum going. The gory is there and the setting is also good. Even the creatures in the movie are not something out of place, but is related to the Egyptian mythology in some way. Despite presence of various plot holes or some not-good things here or there, the movie still manages to keep us moving so quickly that you wouldn’t mind all that much. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘The Pyramid’ a total of 7.7. This is the best and the last horror film of the year for me. After leaving the cinema, I can say this movie literally weakens my heart. Scary shit…

On the other hand, I am here happily announcing that my blog has surpassed 2.5 million views. That’s another milestone for my blog, achieved on 12.12.2014, days before the end of the year. Wonderful. It’s a good news and I’m hoping for more clicks and increasing positive achievements to my blog here. Your continuous support to my blog would be deeply appreciated.

2.5million views blog

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