New7Wonders Cities announced. And Kuala Lumpur made it into the list surprisingly.

A campaign to select the New7Wonders of the World was carried out and concluded in 2007 with over 100 million votes worldwide. The voting campaign didn’t stop as it proceeded next to select New7Wonders of Nature in 2011. The organization’s latest campaign to choose the New7Wonders Cities had also concluded yesterday after about 2 years of stages of voting to narrow down the list from the original nominees of over 1200 cities across the world. Official website :


Hereby is the full list of cities (in alphabetical order) that made it successfully into this honor of being named the Seven Wonders of Cities;

1) Beirut, Lebanon


2) Doha, Qatar


3) Durban, South Africa


4) Havana, Cuba


5) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


6) La Paz, Bolivia


7) Vigan, Philippines


After seeing the list above, I knew that you may be as surprised as me now (or even shocked). Why? It’s really quite unbelievable that these seven not-so-famous cities can get votes enough to put them into the final 7. How can even my city, KL made it into the list? And where is the other much more beautiful cities like New York, London, Paris, Rome, Venice, Hong Kong, Singapore (to name a few) are? I really couldn’t believe that these much more striking and popular cities didn’t get high number of votes. And one more surprise is that despite my city, KL gained such a great recognition from this worldwide campaign, but till now, there isn’t any local media or news reporting this result yet. I think this campaign is not appealing enough and only some small parts of the world pay close attention to it. Hence, I think this controversial result is quite subjective and does not reflect the whole picture.

Anyway, I’m still very proud that Kuala Lumpur is named one of the New7Wonders Cities. I have to admit that this city is really a wonder in terms of imposing skyline and architecture, home to variety of foods and delicacies, place of amazing tourist destinations and shopping, and city of friendly multi-cultural people but it is also a wonder in many road potholes, heaven for overly abundant immigrants, messy urban planning, and hotspot for street crimes.

I still couldn’t believe it! Getting into the 28 finalists’ shortlist is already something that seems impossible to me and many others. And now, it even managed to climb to the final top 7 for the prestigious honour. But that’s a fact now. Anyway, congratulations to all the 7 winning cities! I’m still happy for KL! It’s such an honour.

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)


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