It’s Dec 4th in 2014, so it’s my 23rd birthday!

On this day exactly 23 years ago, a new baby was born to be the youngest in the family of five. My parents had their first son and my two elder sisters have a younger brother to play with finally. And that’s me,… but of course I’m no longer a baby, a child or a teenager anymore. Over two decades, and now I’m a young adult happily having my 23rd birthday today eventhough celebration may be simple or even if nothing happens.



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Time flies. I couldn’t believe that I’m already nearing the mid-twenties. Sometimes, I find that time is travelling too fast. Still young and energetic, but realizing that not a single person in this world would know what may happen to him or her tomorrow, I will treasure every second of my life. I promised myself that starting from next year, I would practice healthier diet, putting more effort on exercise, reducing my time in front of my laptop, and giving myself more rest and priority above everything else. That’s for the better of me in getting myself more prepared to the challenging future. Sounds great…and I will try my best to achieve all that.

When my dad asked me about my age, I knew that it would not be a good thing. He would then keep nagging me to go out and date a girl. Yup…I knew my dad is getting old and my mom (in the heaven) would love to see me setting up my own family soon. But that needs time and fate, man…. Once I have settled my master study (most probably next year till 2017), I will then focus on my career and love life simultaneously. So, they have to wait a little bit more. Sorry…I’m still fine being single now.

Anyway, today is my birthday. It’s my big day, so I would be in a very good mood today no matter what. I forgot to apply a day of leave today last week as to grant myself a short break on my birthday. But it’s okay. I would not stress myself from work for at least today. Hmmm……23 already…it’s really the time for me to think further and improve myself in whatever way I can. If not, things would be too late.

That’s all. Happy 23rd Birthday to myself once again!

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2 Responses to “It’s Dec 4th in 2014, so it’s my 23rd birthday!”

  1. happy birthday, dude! have a great day!

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