Welcoming the last month of the year! December is always a great month!

Time flies. We are now arriving at the last month of the year. A month to go before we say goodbye to 2014. I felt as though I have just say hello to 2014….November 2014 has been a quick and a boring month with nothing interesting going on. Happy that it is over. So, let me assume that all the fun and joy has been reserved for December instead. It is going to be a good month eventually no matter what, because…

a) My 23rd birthday is coming very soon. But I’m actually sad for getting officially a year older after 4th December.

b) End of year sale began. Time for me to do shopping (need to buy new clothes or even accessories like maybe…new watch). It has been a while since I last went to shopping. Also it’s time to check out the variety of X’mas decorations in popular shopping malls in Klang Valley if given the opportunity.

Christmas trolley shopping_0_0_0_0

c) Like I said earlier, X’mas is coming. The festive atmosphere is there. Who doesn’t like it eventhough we don’t have any winter here in Malaysia. Looking forward to Christmas holiday and of course the New Year celebration.

d) this will be the month when every employees will be very happy. You know what I mean…yes…it’s the year-end bonus after a year of hard work and dedication in your job! Hoping for a very encouraging figure this year.

e) apart from ‘Fury’, ‘Interstellar’, ‘Big Hero 6’, and ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay (Part 1)’ that I have not watch yet, there are many looking-good movies set to be released this month like ‘The Pyramid’, ‘The Hobbit: Battle of Five Armies’, ‘Night at the Museum 3: Secret of the Tomb’ and ‘Unbroken’ that I’m anticipating too. This is going the month for many movies!

My blog header for the month of December every year could not run away from depicting something about Christmas. I’m not a Christian but I do find the importance and happiness of X’mas spirit across the world. This year, my blog header would still be about it, but is of something different and abstract this time. It’s not showing a winter land or a giant Christmas tree as usual. My blog header now (a copy can be viewed below) shows a mash-up of different elements which are each related to this festival too. (Original image source: http://quotes.lol-rofl.com/merry-christmas-header/)

December 2014 blog header

Wait for few more days and you will also experience snow flakes falling when you viewed any WordPress blog including mine here. Everything will be made ready to end this year cool on my side hopefully! Wish it is the same for you too. And let’s enjoy the few last moments everyone can have before another year ends!



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