‘Come On, Cousin’ is no match to its unrelated successful prequel last year; ‘Inbound Troubles’.

‘Come On, Cousin’ (老表,你好hea!) is a Hong Kong drama, and is one of the anniversary dramas for TVB this year. It is an indirect sequel to the surprisingly successful ‘Inbound Troubles’ last year. Almost the entire cast of ‘Inbound Troubles’ returns to this series playing completely different characters as the storyline has no relations to the first series. But ‘Come On, Cousin’ still stays with its modern comedy genre.

The casts include Roger Kwok, Joey Meng, Wong Cho Lam, Ivana Wong, Louis Cheung, Ram Chiang, Bob Lam, May Chan, Mimi Chu, Helena Law, Chung King-fai, Leanne Li, Kitty Yuen, Bowie Wu, Mary Hon, Tommy Wong, etc. When I ask myself how should I sum up what’s the main story of this series is about, I had a headache. This series simply has no main storyline and everything just goes with the flow till the ending without any solid stuff happening. And that’s the first reason why I said that this series is bad. afe8975cgw1ejguri8f5fj21kw0v1dvw It basically revolves on two main characters; Lam Joi Yeh, an environmentalist whom happened to work in a market owned by a very rich but lazy boss, Yau Tin who aimed to inherit all of his father’s fortune. There is also heavy emphasis on all the other plenty of supporting casts. In the end, the plot is weak and things ended up in mess and boring outcome for me. I thought I would be enjoying this 30-episode series, but it turned out that I’m disappointed. ‘Inbound Troubles’ has a better story and watching this ‘Come On, Cousin’ is simply wasting my time. It’s pointless and too nonsense at some points. 6482e5f1gw1elf5syi79gj20qh0aiagn Nevertheless, I have to still compliment on some very creative or fresh fun and laughters that this series brought to us too. But that’s just all. Not enough to save the film from being named ‘cheap’ and ‘lousy’. There are many jokes and hilarious stuff going on, but some are going too awkward and failed. Hmmm….another plus point for the series would be the Ram Chiang’s moments in the early episodes of the series. He did a wonderful job there and that secures him for a best supporting actor nomination for the annual TVB awards presentation coming this 15th December. But too bad, his character isn’t prominent and is sidelined after that. So, I’ll guess he could not win it too. I’m really surprised of his singing talent too. 20141118075952f249c_550 Roger Kwok contributed a steady performance here, but he would still shines in the coming awards presentation from his lead role as a villain in ‘Black Heart White Soul’. Louis Cheung and Bob Lam also did very well. Ivana Wong of which I remembered I hated her very much in ‘Inbound Troubles’ has also improved slightly here. Now, in ‘Come On, Cousin’, I don’t enjoy seeing Joey Meng. I find that her acting is bad and she looks like she is trying to act cute all the time. For me, that’s annoying. I also enjoy most of the cameo appearances (Kenneth Ma, Liza Wang, Kay Tse, Johnson Lee, Fred Cheng, etc) but too short.

Wong Cho Lam saved the series a bit from his very natural comedic presence in it. His character is lazy and evil here but he stole the limelight whenever he appears. He is almost the only source of entertainment here. Generally, this series is quite a disappointment and should not even deserved to be named one of the anniversary series this year which are usually of high quality. Yes,…many people are looking forward to it, but in the end, our response is ‘What the heck is this?!… Lame series.’ Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Come On, Cousin’ a total of 6.4. Its two-episode ending yesterday was also only average. I’m glad this series has ended as I don’t want to continue watching it anymore.

Maybe I’m ‘white-boy personality’ (guai zai sing gak), but this series is not that ‘organic’ looo…… (you will know what I mean only when you watch this series).

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