TVB Awards Presentation 2014’s nomination list alongside my preferred picks and opinions.

In Singapore’s Starhub TVB Awards held in the past October, Ruco Chan and Charmaine Sheh won TV King and Queen respectively. In TVB Star Awards Malaysia held last Sunday, Charmaine too grabbed TV Queen title but the leading actor goes to Roger Kwok instead. Would that be the result too for the coming TVB Awards Presentation 2014 which will be held on 15th December? Hong Kong citizens, now it’s your turn to vote!


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Hereby is the nomination list for the prestigious TVB Awards Presentation 2014 (also known as TVB 47th Anniversary Awards) alongside with my top 5 picks and my preferred choice / prediction as what I did usually for every film or TV awards I’m interested in:

The one with * is my top 5 pick.

^Additional information : – Best Actor, Actress and Series will be voted by committee and public.
– My Favourite Character awards and Best Theme Song will be voted 100% by public.
– All other awards will be voted by committee and TVB artists.

Best Leading Actor
01.) Wong Cho Lam (Gilded Chopsticks)
02.) Ben Wong (Gilded Chopsticks)
03.) Steven Ma (Storm in a Cocoon) *
04.) Ruco Chan (Ruse of Engagement) *
05.) Bosco Wong (The Ultimate Addiction)
06.) Kenneth Ma (Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain)
07.) Roger Kwok (Black Heart White Soul) *
08.) Ron Ng (Black Heart White Soul)
09.) Michael Miu (Line Walker)
10.) Raymond Lam (Line Walker) *
11.) Lawrence Ng (Tomorrow is Another Day)
12.) Joe Ma (Tiger Cubs 2)
13.) Him Law (Tiger Cubs 2)
14.) Wayne Lai (Overachievers) *
15.) Raymond Wong (Overachievers)

Expected to win : Roger Kwok (Black Heart White Soul)

Comment: If Roger really win this, then it will be his third Best Actor win, and that ties him with Gallen Lo and Wayne Lai as the most successful Best Actor in TVB. His performance in ‘Black Heart White Soul’ is critically acclaimed. But at one point, I think since he won it twice before, why not hand the trophy to Raymond Lam since ‘Line Walker’ is considered his last series with TVB and that he did very well in that one too. He would never have the chance to compete for it again in the future most probably. It’s also a pity since he is in the industry for many years but has never win Best Actor before despite his acting is already deserving for it. But I’m still happy if Roger takes it this year.
Best Leading Actress
01.) Michelle Yim (Coffee Cat Mama)
02.) Aimee Chan (Outbound Love)
03.) Nancy Sit (Queen Divas)
04.) Joey Meng (Gilded Chopsticks)
05.) Tavia Yeung (Storm in a Cocoon) *
06.) Priscilla Wong (Swipe Tap Love)
07.) Selena Li (Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain)
08.) Kristal Tin (Black Heart White Soul) *
09.) Louisa So (Rear Mirror)
10.) Charmaine Sheh (Line Walker) *
11.) Linda Chung (All That Bitter is Sweet) *
12.) Kate Tsui (Tomorrow is Another Day) *
13.) Ivana Wong (Come on Cousin)
14.) Maggie Siu (Overachievers)
15.) Nancy Wu (Overachievers)

Expected to win : Charmaine Sheh (Line Walker)

Comment: The top 5 for Best Actor and Best Actress are very easily predictable. For Best Actress, I’m at least 90% sure that it would be Charmaine’s turn, making this her second time winning the coveted award. Her performance in ‘Line Walker’ is outstanding and easily topples the rest in the competition. The only dark horse here would be Kate Tsui as her performance in ‘Tomorrow Is Another Day’ is also well-praised. But I think she still couldn’t win it this year. As for Linda Chung, she has to try again next year by selecting a more potential and good role. 

My Favorite Male Television Character
01.) Ruco Chan (Outbound Love) *
02.) Steven Ma (Storm in a Cocoon) *
03.) Bosco Wong (The Ultimate Addiction)
04.) Kenneth Ma (Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain)
05.) Roger Kwok (Black Heart White Soul)
06.) Ron Ng (Black Heart White Soul)
07.) Louis Cheung (Black Heart White Soul)
08.) Michael Miu (Line Walker)
09.) Raymond Lam (Line Walker) *
10.) Benz Hui (Line Walker) *
11.) Lawrence Ng (Tomorrow is Another Day)
12.) Vincent Wong (Tomorrow is Another Day)
13.) Joe Ma (Tiger Cubs 2)
14.) Wong Cho Lam (Come on Cousin)
15.) Wayne Lai (Overachievers) *

Expected to win : Benz Hui (Line Walker)

Comment: Since Benz Hui won Best Supporting Actor last year, I don’t think he will win again in the same category this year. His character as Brother Foon Hei in ‘Line Walker’ is very likable and his character has generated a lot of buzz since the series started airing. So, I guess he will win this. Deserving too. The other challenger would be Raymond Lam also from the same series. I think TVB will still grant him something this year as a goodbye gift to him (or just as a consolation since he would not be probably taking the TV King title). I also find it okay if Steven Ma win this. The time for him to get at least something is so much overdue.

My Favorite Female Television Character
01.) Michelle Yim (Coffee Cat Mama)
02.) Aimee Chan (Outbound Love)
03.) Nancy Sit (Queen Divas)
04.) Tavia Yeung (Storm in a Cocoon) *
05.) Priscilla Wong (Swipe Tap Love)
06.) Selena Li (Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain)
07.) Kristal Tin (Black Heart White Soul) *
08.) Louisa So (Rear Mirror)
09.) Charmaine Sheh (Line Walker) *
10.) Josie Ho (Tomorrow is Another Day)
11.) Linda Chung (Tiger Cubs 2) *
12.) Mandy Wong (Tiger Cubs 2)
13.) Ivana Wong (Come on Cousin)
14.) Susanna Kwan (Overachievers)
15.) Nancy Wu (Overachievers) *

Expected to win : Charmaine Sheh (Line Walker)

Comment: Don’t know why that there is a feeling that Charmaine will take this too, to become the double TV Queen of the year, duplicating the success she had back in 2006 when she won both Best Actress and My Favourite Female Character from her role in Maidens’ Vow. This year, her role as Deng Jeh in Line Walker is also very likable. It’s a cute and emotional character that you would like and pity for at the same time. The dark horse in this category would be Linda Chung. This may be a consolation prize to Linda, but I still prefer Charmaine in the end.
Best Supporting Actor
01.) Evergreen Mak (Return of the Silver Tongue)
02.) Tony Hung (Outbound Love)
03.) Elliot Ngok (Storm in a Cocoon)
04.) Eddie Kwan (Swipe Tap Love)
05.) Lawrence Cheung (Never Dance Alone)
06.) Louis Cheung (Black Heart White Soul) *
07.) Benz Hui (Line Walker) *
08.) Oscar Leung (Line Walker)
09.) Vincent Wong (Tomorrow is Another Day) *
10.) Kenny Wong (Tomorrow is Another Day)
11.) Pal Sinn (Tomorrow is Another Day)
12.) Ram Tseung (Come on Cousin) *
13.) Power Chan (Overachievers) *
14.) Edwin Siu (Overachievers)
15.) Raymond Cho (Overachievers)

Expected to win : Power Chan (Overachievers)

Comment: Two years ago, Power Chan is one of the hot favourites for Best Supporting Actor, but lost out to Koo Ming Wah for his popular ‘So Gay’ role. Maybe this is the year for Power as he did exceptionally well too in Overachievers. Other hot favourites for this category this year are Benz Hui (but won it just last year), Louis Cheung (still too new for this award) and Ram Tseung (his role is nothing much in Come on Cousin except than his brilliant singing). I will see how Raymond Cho performed in the remaining episodes of Overachievers to consider him as another strong contender too. This year, this category has tough and strong competition.

Best Supporting Actress
01.) Rosina Lam (Outbound Love)
02.) Nancy Wu (Gilded Chopsticks) *
03.) Louise Lee (Ruse of Engagement)
04.) Eliza Sam (Never Dance Alone)
05.) Becky Li (Black Heart White Soul)
06.) Leanne Li (Black Heart White Soul) *
07.) Oceane Zhu (Shades of Life)
08.) Sharon Chan (Line Walker) *
09.) Elena Kong (Line Walker) *
10.) Samantha Ko (All That Bitter is Sweet)
11.) Natalie Tong (All That Bitter is Sweet) *
12.) Josie Ho (Tomorrow is Another Day)
13.) Mandy Wong (Tiger Cubs 2)
14.) Susanna Kwan (Overachievers)
15.) Grace Chan (Overachievers)

Expected to win : Sharon Chan (Line Walker)

Comment: This is the weakest category for this year. No impressive or memorable performances from any of the nominees above. Since Sharon won the same in last week’s TVB Star Awards Malaysia, so I’ll pick her too. But to be honest, in terms of acting, Elena Kong in the same series is better (but won it last year). Sharon is just average this year. My other preferred choice would be Natalie Tong. But wait, since Leanne Li isn’t even nominated in Most Vastly Improved Actress award, so I think there is a chance for her to jump straight into Best Supporting Actress league strongly as her performance in Black Heart White Soul is also positively received.

Most Vastly Improved Actor
01.) Sammy Shum (Line Walker, All That Bitter is Sweet) *
02.) Tony Hung (Outbound Love, Swipe Tap Love, Rear Mirror, Pilgrimage to Football Meccas)
03.) Louis Cheung (Gilded Chopsticks, Black Heart White Soul, Come on Cousin, The Voice sr.4) *
04.) Jason Chan (ICAC Investigators 2014, Black Heart White Soul, Shades of Life, Overachievers, Dolce Vita, Quitto Win)
05.) Matt Yeung (Come Home Love, Outbound Love, Storm in a Cocoon, Black Heart White Soul, Shades of Life)

Expected to win : Louis Cheung.

Comment: Louis Cheung had more challenging and breakthrough roles this year compared to Sammy Shum, another hot favourites in this category. But actually, I don’t mind any one of these two to win. Both are talented actors. But my top choice is still Louis.

Most Vastly Improved Actress
01.) Rosina Lam (Outbound Love, Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain)
02.) Samantha Ko (Come Home Love, Outbound Love, Line Walker, All That Bitter is Sweet) *
03.) Grace Chan (Organized Dining, Overachievers, Pokoi Charity Show 2014, TVB Anniversary Special 2014)
04.) Jacqueline Wong (The Ultimate Addiction, Tomorrow is Another Day, Explore Japan Rail & Drive, Sidewalk Scientist)
05.) Priscilla Wong (Return of the Silver Tongue, Swipe Tap Love, The Conquerors, Pilgrimage to Football Meccas, Chef Minor) *

Expected to win : Samantha Ko.

Comment: Nothing much to comment. Actually, I prefer Rosina Lam to take this but she isn’t heavily promoted like Samantha in these days. Rosina’s acting has improved from what I have seen. But I’m still fine with Samantha winning. Priscilla is another hot contender but I didn’t get to watch any series with her in it this year. I just find it weird that Leanne isn’t even nominated here.

Best Series

As for best series, all series aired in the current year are eligible to be nominated.

Top 5 pick : Line Walker, Storm in a Cocoon, Black Heart White Soul, Never Dance Alone, Overachievers.

Expected to win : Line Walker.

Comment: Line Walker is my highest rated TVB series of the year, and I believe many agreed too. The series met with very positive reviews and had generated a lot of buzz across Hong Kong, mainland China, Singapore and Malaysia. This highly suspenseful drama that came with top-notch acting deserved to win Best Series of the year. The dark horse in this category may be Black Heart White Soul and Overachievers (I’ll see how Overachievers goes with its remaining episodes still airing now).

Best Theme Song

This is a new category introduced in this year’s awards. All theme songs (and also sub-songs) of the series in 2014 are nominated.

Expected to win : More Difficult, More Love (Jinny Ng) , Sub-song for Line Walker.

Comment: This award is introduced purposely this year just to give it to Jinny Ng for her popular sub-theme song for Line Walker which had also won Most Favourite Theme Song from TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2014.


And I won’t put in the remaining parts of the nomination list (Best TV Host, Best Programmes, etc) since I’m not interested in those categories. Looking forward to TVB Awards Presentation 2014, scheduled to be held on 15th December 2014 (Monday) from 8 pm. Let’s hope that the result this year would be satisfying and may the deserving wins. Share your view here if you are interested.


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