TVB 47th Anniversary events…

TVB, the main television company in Hong Kong will hold its 47th anniversary gala tonight. (indicated as ‘nearing 48′ in their birthday logo as number ’47’ isn’t quite nice.) It will be surely a star-studded show with over hundreds of their artistes attending and some of them even performing in the gala, seen as an annual party to celebrate the success of the station spanning 47 years. So, the new episode of ‘Come on, Cousin’ and ‘Overachievers’ will only be released tomorrow as the time-slot is given for the gala. Happy Birthday, TVB! You have been giving me countless of nice dramas from my childhood years till now.



Just finished watching the gala that lasted two and a half hours. The gala this year is very interesting with its game theme. Even the singing parts (usually boring for me) turned out amazing tonight. Much better than the galas in the past few years. The most surprising segment is when Wong Cho Lam suddenly proposed to his girlfriend, Leanne Li ‘live’ and she agreed. Romantic, memorable and wonderful. Overall, it is fun watching the gala this year.


The TVB Anniversary Awards is also around the corner. It is usually held in mid December, and I’m looking forward to see who will be crowned TV King or Queen this year. However, the nomination list isn’t released yet till today (it will be out very soon). But everyone is already starting to predict who will win this year. Competition heats up and the current favourite to win for Best Actor is Roger Kwok (Black Heart, White Soul) and Best Actress is Charmaine Sheh (Line Walker). Are they your choice too? Other hot contenders for Best Actor currently are Ruco Chan and Raymond Lam. As for Best Actress, the dark horse is Linda Chung.


Recently, TVB has also organized their TVB 2015 Sales Presentation, delivering trailers and hints of what the station would air next year from dramas to programmes. Disappointingly, there isn’t many attractive series released next year except for one that really stood out, ‘Lord of Shanghai’. Why? Because it is a big-budget production and it starred Anthony Wong (Film King), Wayne Lai (TV King), Kent Tong, Kenneth Ma, Ron Ng, Myolie Wu, Louisa So, etc. Have to wait really long for that which is expected to be released in November next year. Another upcoming drama named ‘Limelight Years’ is also looking good.

Also not to forget the recently released TVB Calendar for the year 2015. Unlike previous years, in which TVB would round up some of its most popular artistes to pose in themed background settings, the station decided to modify the format and promote upcoming dramas instead.


Time flies. After weeks of voting, the campaign and promo tours are finally over for the upcoming TVB Star Awards Malaysia which will be happening this Sunday (23rd November 2014) on 8pm at Arena of Stars, Genting Highlands. I have voted and I have won the tickets too. But I won’t be able to attend the awards presentation. It is expected that many TVB artistes will attend it. Check my previous blog post here: , if you want to see the awards’ nomination list, accompanied with a bit of my thoughts and predictions.

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)


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