Movie review: Boyhood (2014)

‘Boyhood’ is a coming-of-age drama film this year that revolves on the life of a young man, Mason from age 5 to age 18. This film has my attention because I believed it is the best reviewed film of the year so far. Currently, it attained 8.6/10 from IMDB score, 99% approval from Rotten Tomatoes and the unbelievable 100% from Metacritic. Impressive. I think I wouldn’t give my rating for this film that high. Further read my movie review here and you will know why.


I like the fact that this film sticks to the same main casts and took an incredible 11 to 12 years of filming for a much realistic outcome. The effort of waiting for the right time between those 11-12 years to shoot certain scenes relevant to that particular period should be complimented. As mentioned earlier, the film focuses on the growth of a young boy named Mason, and it presented to us his different stages of life from a small kid to a young adult getting into college. There are also some dramas added to make things more interesting like his mother’s marriage problem, relationship with his family and friends, conflict with step-dads, adaptation to different homes, etc.


However, I don’t find those ‘s0-called’ drama elements interesting. I am not that engaged to the story development and the worst thing is that the film took almost three hours long. For me, that is a bit too long and I find it quite difficult to sit through to this kind of movie that has no actions, CGIs, climax, but only all on storytelling. So, I ended up used four days to finish the film. I’m not into this kind of movie which may be the right thing to be made a favourite for Oscars next year. On the other hand, this movie is something that we find closely attached too as over the time, there are some crucial events in the past 11 years that we have gone through or known of too just like what is shown in the movie like the Harry Potter, Obama election, Iraq crisis, Facebook, etc. This movie is certainly intimate in narrative scope.

However, as for acting, I find that Mason’s parents, portrayed by Ethan Hawke and Patricia Arquette did better on their roles than the main lead of the show; Mason, portrayed by Ellar Coltrane. It appears like Ellar didn’t put in enough effort and emotion into his role, and yet there are many critics out there seeing him as a potential dark horse for next year Oscars’ best actor race. I don’t find that he is up to that level yet. But still he performed considerably well in ‘Boyhood’. Just well, not excellent or any breakthrough material. Below; That’s Ellar in 12 years transformation as seen in the movie:


Out of 10 points, I will only give ‘Boyhood’ a total of 7.3. This kind of movie is not my type, and hence, my rating is way lower than what most other people gave to it. However, I couldn’t deny that it is a good film project (I’m seeing it just like a combination of few short films of a person with his family and friends over the years). That all sums up to this near 3-hour long film. The cast and crews’ commitment to this film should also be praised. This may be the best film of the year for most critics, but not for me. For me, ‘Boyhood’ is a good coming-of-age drama film, but not a masterpiece.

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