A boring weekend. Time to blog on random stuff going on in my mind now.

What a boring weekend! Nothing interesting to do and just stay at home watching TV, surfing the net, and sleeping. Eventhough it’s quite a meaningless Saturday and Sunday, but these two days are no doubt essential for me to take a break and be prepared for the coming weekdays of work, work and work! Despite not having any public holiday this month, November is still a quick month to get over with as it has only four rows of five working days, but with five Saturdays and Sundays. Good.

Eventhough Halloween of the year is over, but I’m still not done yet with the desire to watch horror film currently. ‘Ouija’, is a film released recently that is obviously based on the Ouija board (a board with alphabets used with planchette to seek spiritualistic or telepathic messages). I watched the film yesterday and it’s quite a good one. It has a very solid plot that comes with good pacing (except the slow start) and develops well with some unexpected interesting twists. The movie also didn’t disappoints in providing some good scares. But I’m quite tired with those same old cheap jump-scare tricks (door banging, lights off in sudden, etc) found in this film. Those don’t work anymore.


So, I take these two paragraphs as a short movie review for ‘Ouija’. For me, I don’t believe this kind of board will works in connecting us to the ‘other’ world. Anyway, the movie made us believe (at least for that hour or two while watching this movie) how terrifying the board can be. The acting was above average but is sufficient enough to set the atmosphere. If you want me to compare this to ‘Annabelle’, I would say ‘Ouija’ is slightly better, which is in contrast to the ratings both films had of which ‘Annabelle’ performed better in both box office result and critics’ reviews. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Ouija’ a total of 7.2. Actually, can I ask how to actually spell ‘Ouija’ correctly?



On the other hand, have you cast your votes to the current worldwide campaign of selecting the New Seven Wonders of Cities? If not, please do so quick as the voting ends before 7 December. It has now entered its grand final stage of which only 14 cities are left from over 1200 cities listed in 2012 when the campaign started. And surprisingly, my home city, Kuala Lumpur made it to the top 14 list. Incredible. Anyway, KL definitely has my vote. How about you? If you are reading this, kindly help to vote my beautiful city too. Just a simple step to vote. Go to the official voting site here: https://www.new7wonders.com/en/cities , log in with your Facebook account and just vote your 7 choices out of the 14 finalists; Durban, Doha, Mexico City, Quito, La Paz, London, Perth, Kuala Lumpur, Beirut, Barcelona, Chicago, Havana, Vigan, Revkjavik. Would appreciate your effort to vote Kuala Lumpur. The Seven Wonders of Cities’ result will be announced on 7 December 2014. Really wish that KL can make it successfully to that honoured list. Hence, your help (vote) is needed. Thank you.

KL from the sky:


(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)





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