Wait…November already?

Yes. It’s November already. You should know that once you have done trick or treat yesterday, on the night of the Halloween when it falls on last day of October every year. No more spooking around as we are now heading towards the conclusion of the year which is just around the corner. It’s time to flip to the second last page of your calendar of the year. And when I did that, I’m feeling a bit sad as there isn’t any public holiday this month. I guess I have to be patient and wait till December to enjoy my birthday, Christmas and new year celebration.


(Image source: http://tangentialthoughts.com/). I think I’m having that risk right now. I have been very busy these few weeks, having need to stay back in the office for almost everyday. Amount of works keep increasing, but with my passion in architecture, I would not give up and try my best to finish all the tasks to my very limit daily. The only thing to ease my tension and work pressure is by surfing the net every night. My other major source of entertainment also comes from the current TVB series I’m watching; ‘Come On, Cousin’. It’s a very hilarious and sometimes awkward drama. Will explain more about the series and my review of it once it is completely aired by end of this month.

Out of the 10 header images taking up every month respectively on this year’s blog header, 4 are dedicated to reveal the 4 best city skylines in the world. They are Hong Kong, Chicago, New York and Shanghai. Now, I find it’s time to showcase another one. It’s Kuala Lumpur, my home city, also the capital of Malaysia. It may not possess skyline as great as those mighty four mentioned earlier, but it does shines quite impressively. If my city is to be put into a ranking of top city skylines around the world, it would have been easily placed in top 10 or 20 too. Not bad. It’s iconic, thanks to the world’s tallest twin buildings; Petronas Twin Towers and also the KL Tower.

November2014 Blog Header

Wonderful shot by Mtux from Flickr (image source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/mtux/15271238427). KL is just a small city but is already home to many skyscrapers. I love passing by elevated flyover that overlooks the cityscape that gives me the opportunity to enjoy viewing the picturesque skyline. I can do that everyday, and I don’t feel bored of it. I’m also glad that there are quite a number of constructions going on in the city region; that’s a sign of the city growing quite rapidly, eventhough it is still quite far from achieving target of becoming world-class city anywhere soon.

Anyway, I hope that this would be a great month for all of us!


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