After ‘Annabelle’, there’s time for two more horror films this weekend to keep up the mood for the coming Halloween; ‘Wrong Turn 6’ and ‘Extraterrestrial’.

Since its release to cinemas worldwide, ‘Annabelle’, the supernatural horror film which is the spin-off or prequel to the successful ‘The Conjuring’ last year is a box office hit and gained extreme popularity despite not receiving very good feedbacks. I have watched this film last week and had written a movie review for it (can check out in my previous blog post). The film is not as good as ‘The Conjuring’, but still is above average for me. I’m sure that many would cosplay as the doll on this upcoming Halloween. Really scary enough. There is also a very interesting prank video on the terrifying ‘Annabelle’ doll circulating throughout the internet recently. I enjoyed the clip but of course, I would never enjoy being in the situation of being pranked like that.

In this weekend when I have no place to go, I spent most of the time at home. With nothing else to do, I’m going to watch two more horror films. Both are released this year too. Time to get myself into the scary mood as Halloween is just around the corner.


The first film is ‘Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort’. This gory horror film which is the sixth (latest) installment of this famous film franchise needs no further introduction especially to those who like films of this sort. People being chased down by a group of flesh-eating mutant mountain men. I enjoyed the first few films. It’s very gory, visually disturbing and bloody sickening. Really not for people who aren’t into this kind of horror genre.


But the ‘Wrong Turn 6’, I’m very disappointed. It’s a very bad film. To be honest with you, the movie is showing more sex scenes than the gory killing or torturing scenes by the cannibals. I’m not there for the soft porn, man. The amount of killing and the gore had also significantly reduced while the film is focusing more onto its very boring plot. I understand the effort of putting in story to give the movie a bit of depth, but in this situation, it goes backfired. The storyline which is too emphasized is way too boring and that sacrificed the time to show us more gory stuff. The quality and quantity dropped immensely. This is the worst in its franchise that had already been here for over 10 years. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort’ a total of 6.0 only. Just bad.

The other horror film I watched is far better; ‘Extraterrestrial’. Well, the movie’s title is very much obvious already on describing what’s in the film. It’s about a group of friends spending their weekend in a cabin in the woods, of which they suddenly witnessed crash of a UFO ship nearby. That leads to….you would know what will happen next. I read from somewhere that this film is panned for utilizing too many familiar tropes and cliches of a sci-fi horror movies especially the ones involving aliens. I don’t agree fully to that. I think the film utilized those very well. Those are the essential formulas that make the film works. And once you did it right, then you got an engaging and exciting alien abduction movie to watch. And ‘Extraterrestrial’ hits that.


I enjoyed the film very much. There are many intense and climax-reaching parts, and the quality of many elements in the film (visual effects, sound effects, casts and their acting performances, characters’ involvement, suspense-building) are good. Everything is evenly distributed for a perfect sci-fi adventure. I don’t understand the low rating the film has now, but at least I saw that it performed quite well in Rotten Tomatoes. I only find that its ending is going a bit too far. The twist is there but I would just be satisfied if everything still remains in small-scale and never goes to outer space for some reasons. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Extraterrestrial’ a total of 7.5. This film deserves more attention by now. Highly recommended. I enjoyed this film very much from the beginning till ‘before the end’. The ending like I said just now is a bit weird and going too much.

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3 Responses to “After ‘Annabelle’, there’s time for two more horror films this weekend to keep up the mood for the coming Halloween; ‘Wrong Turn 6’ and ‘Extraterrestrial’.”

  1. cool! another horror fan like me. I’ve seen all of the Wrong Turn films except this one. And it looks like I’ll be skipping it too, haha. I’ve yet to see Annabelle. =_= Just gotta wait til I finish my assignments, zzz. I’ll be watching Extraterrestrial then! Hope it’ll be good

    • vincentloy Says:

      if u have watched all the previous Wrong Turn films, I think you should watch this one too. As for Extraterrestrial, it’s really good. Trust me. Annabelle is so so…but since it is such a massive hit now, you should not miss that too. Enjoy once you get your assignments done. Cheers.

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