Shanghai’s ‘Big 3’. Impressive recent shots of the city’s skyline that will take your breath away.

The fame of being the most advanced and famous city in mainland China is no doubt belongs to the city of Shanghai. Due to that status, the city of near 25 million people has gone through massive and unparalleled economic growth over the years. Countless of highrise buildings sprawled within its vast urban areas, and that has helped the city to be easily ranked within top 5 in various rankings or polls online on evaluating best skyline cities across the globe.

Its most impressive skyline feature is none other than the view across a river overlooking the Pudong district. The skyline of that particular district alone is already sufficient enough to pull off as the icon of this megacity. Most postcards representing the city will depicts that shot, and once you see it, you will know it’s Shanghai. What Pudong district am I talking about? It’s this…




The first supertall that is located at Pudong is not a building, but a tower. The Oriental Pearl Tower that stands at 468 metres is a telecommunication and sightseeing tower on a forefront location just by the edge of the river. After that, came the dream of building three supertall skyscrapers within a zone in Pudong. It’s simply called ‘The Big 3’. The first to be built under this ambition is the Jin Mao Tower. It’s a 421 metres building completed in late 1990s, just few metres shorter than the 452m Petronas Twin Towers which were the tallest buildings in the world back then.

Many years later, finally another supertall skyscraper is built besides Jin Mao Tower. Jin Mao Tower is no longer alone after a decade. Completed in late 2000s, the Shanghai World Financial Center then took the title as the country’s tallest building at 492 metres. The building is also the world’s tallest building to top of roof (defeating Taipei 101 which has spire that pushed its height to 508 metres). However, the title didn’t remain long once Burj Khalifa is completed not long after that claimed all the ‘tallest’ titles easily at 828 metres. The Big 3 is not completed yet. One more skyscraper to go. And now, this ambition is going to be fulfilled very soon, as the latest and last addition to this Big 3 has topped out recently and will be opened to public next year. There you go….closer day and night view of the Big 3.



It’s the Shanghai Tower. Stands at 632 metres, this massive building towers above the rest of the surrounding buildings with huge margin. It even makes the neighbouring Jin Mao Tower and Shanghai World Financial Center look tiny (eventhough the two are already very tall on their own too). These three skyscrapers that sit next to each other are simply beautiful. The whole Big Three is epic. All three of them would be iconic landmarks in any other city yet they stand next to each other. Just speechless.


Beautiful, isn’t it? I would love to sit there (in image above) for hours without any intention of leaving. Would be great enjoying the skyline from that spot. Would really love to visit Shanghai very soon. I have been to Beijing, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, and Yunnan but never to Shanghai before.

(Images in this post are recently taken and are from various sources throughout the world wide web)



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