‘Line Walker’, the most talked about TVB series of the year, and perhaps the best too.

It’s quite sad to know that ‘使徒行者’ (Line Walker), the recently airing hit TVB series has concluded just now with its intense and thrilling 2-episode finale. No more episodes to catch every night on weekdays. The series isn’t only receiving overwhelming good feedbacks but has also been widely discussed since it is first aired several weeks ago, and there must be a reason for that. People had been sharing their views on who the fifth UC would be? Is Benz Hui’s character one of the UC? Or is Michael Miu really turned evil in the last few episodes?Who will die next in the drama? The level of buzz the series created is unquestionable. And it is also by far the TVB series with highest viewership and rating this year. And it deserved all that.


As a crime thriller drama, ‘Line Walker’ tells the story of a chief inspector whom has to find all the five UC (undercover) agents previously assigned by his murdered friend. The series then follows lives of those UCs that must live a double life in secrecy. Not knowing when they can return to their normal life they endure the constant fear of being uncovered by those they are assigned to infiltrate. But their lives are also put in danger when it is discovered that there is a mole within the police who works for the criminals. Exciting plot. The story is full of layers, packed with mystery, full of dilemmas particularly revolving on the UCs and successfully created intense drama as well as provoking guesses and curiosity from all the audiences.


The most praise for the series goes to the acting of the casts. Michael Miu remains as a very professional veteran and his performance here is no doubt good and charismatic. Raymond Lam delivered outstanding performance as Bao Seed, and I shall say that he has a very high chance for TV King in the anniversary awards end of this year. His only fierce competitor by now would be Roger Kwok from ‘Black Heart White Soul’. Since Roger won Best Actor before, I think it should be time for Raymond. His acting has matured and this time, he impressed us. Charmaine Sheh also contributed a stellar performance. I enjoyed her character of which she absolutely nailed it in both comedic or emotional moments. She handled the role very well. Her tragic scene after her three mothers’ death is superbly done. She shall be crowned TV Queen. Sorry to Linda Chung whom is again heavily promoted in recent years. You had to try again next year and I’m sure your turn will come very soon for TVB Best Actress.


Supporting casts also did great job especially Benz Hui, Sammy Shum, Patrick Tang, Elena Kong, Lau Kong and Oscar Leung. Sharon Chan needs to go away from her usual image and expression to excel further in future. The only thing I’m not to happy of this series is on some scenes that were shot in slow motion. We seriously don’t need that. I also enjoyed the series because it combined both serious and light moments. It has time for hilarious comedy, for family warmth, for some great romance, for some deep serious cases to solve, some heartbreaking deaths, some great friendship, some brilliantly-crafted plans, evil acts, etc. So that sums up to an interesting and exciting 31-episode series for us to enjoy. The absolutely fantastic chemistry between Raymond and Charmaine as a couple here is a major plus point. This on-screen couple is funny and enjoyable to watch. Their scenes are mostly cute and heartfelt.




Fortunately, TVB didn’t ruin its finale episodes of which it usually does to its past series that started off well but ended terribly for most. The final big bad boss is revealed together with his not-so-important accomplices. There are also some climax-reaching and intense scenes throughout the whole series. So, you won’t really get bored in any moment as this has all the substance for a good quality drama. Even the theme song (I’m referring to the sub-theme song sang by a female) is good. I like that song. Many parts in the finale left us guessing but finally all are answered in the end. Hong Kong citizens had chosen the happy ending, as they had the choice to choose between two versions (happy or sad) to end the series. I’m quite surprised with the second very final scene of the series. That’s funny and a bit ‘dirty’ (adult-related). Cute way to end it. It’s okay…The very last scene in mid-credit is also a mysteriously good one showing on ‘Foon Hei’ file as UC being deleted. It means that he is actually also a UC. Now I actually wish to watch the sad ending too which may be giving much lasting impression. However, from what it is now, the series would still be a memorable and good one. Slightly better than ‘Black Heart White Soul’ which is first considered as another great production by TVB this year. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Line Walker’ a total of 8.1. The only series this year that goes beyond 8 point from me. Wonderful and superb series with top-class acting. No doubt the best of the year so far. And that’s why a long positive review over here. Worth my effort typing this long.

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11 Responses to “‘Line Walker’, the most talked about TVB series of the year, and perhaps the best too.”

  1. I agree with you..you have already said all i want to say…this just the drama of tvb that i love to watch from the start up to the end..all of the cast was so great in their performance..i wish i could watch them again in another series..Congratulation to all the cast of Line Walker and to their director..

  2. Michael Miu Says:

    Good way to reveal that Foon Hei was a UC.

  3. I do not understand though; I mean there were two finales in the form of Episodes 30 and 31. I watched both of them online and they are completely the same! Did I miss something, why are there ending episodes?

  4. Curious guy Says:

    Still curious, did Michael miu really killed the fifth uc?

  5. who know the title of this sub song in Ep 21 in last. that english song. Pls tell me. thanks

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