Movie review: Temporary Family (2014)

‘Temporary Family’ (失戀急讓) is a 2014 Hong Kong comedy film that tells the story of four unlikely people who are forced to live together in a luxurious penthouse after their plans to sell the estate failed. The film directed by new director, Cheuk Wan-chi, starred Nick Cheung, Sammi Cheng, Angelababy, Oho and features cameo appearances by Myolie Wu, Jacky Cheung, Dayo Wong and Ivana Wong. It’s been many months since I last watched a Hong Kong film, and the involvement of Sammi, my favourite singer & actress in this one further encouraged me to watch it before it is getting off cinemas soon.


First of all, let’s talk about its story. It should be interesting when you are seeing four unlikely people forced to stay together in a single house that would easily creates awkward and funny situations. It’s quite a fresh plot. The film didn’t fails on delivering some good and decent laughs even if the same techniques are repeated again. No lame jokes here. But I still find the hilarious parts are not enough to categorize it as a great comedy movie. On the other hand, the story itself isn’t bad, but I think there is this poor execution of the story development that makes it just an average film…a film going to be forgotten very soon. Perhaps it is the fault from the poor directing effort from Ms. Cheuk, a junior in this industry of which she had only directed two films on her career. There’s a lot for her to learn but I have to compliment her effort in script-writing for this movie too.

At the end of the day, it is the strong casts that save the film. You have a film king (Nick Cheung) and a music queen (Sammi Cheng) as the main leads of the film. Massive star power. And this particular pairing is very new and refreshing as this was their first ever collaboration. I have to admit that Nick may not have a very high chemistry with Sammi but their professional and excellent acting skills overshadowed that limited spark between them in the film. It’s not bad seeing this new pair too as we may get bored with the same old Andy Lau-Sammi Cheng’s pairing again. The later part of the film also brings out more from Sammi’s character (particularly in her role dealing with emotions) and she nailed it quite well (not her best but still a solid performance). I’m predicting that she may be nominated again in next year’s Hong Kong Film Awards in best actress but I doubt she will win it. She did deliver good job all the time but her roles are usually of such that are not ‘heavy’ which is favored by jury.



I have to say that I’m surprised with Angelababy’s appearance in this film as a dark-skin ungentle girl, which is in total opposite of her normal presentation of being a beauty figure. But I’m positive of her look and performance in this film. This shows the power of make-up to a woman. On the other hand, I’m quite touched with the meaning behind the story. A house should not be treated as a mere physical property for one to buy and then to be sold later for profit and wealth. Indeed, a house should be a home, a place with soul, a place where happy or sad memories within a family are. A strong message there. Generally, this is a good film but should have been pushed further. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Temporary Family’ a total of 7.0.

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