At Malacca on the Malaysia Day holiday.

First of all, I would like to wish all Malaysians a Happy Malaysia Day! This year’s 16th September marks the 51st anniversary of the founding of Malaysia following combination of independent Peninsular Malaya with Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore (which later went out to form its own country). Happy 51st birthday, Malaysia! Don’t confuse it with our independence day celebration on 31st August of which on this year, we marked 57th anniversary of that one. 57 for Peninsular Malaysia (31st August) and 51 for whole Malaysia (today).

hari malaysia


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So, today is a public holiday and I’m not going to waste this day by just sitting at home and doing nothing. Hence, me and my sister decided to go for a short ‘Cuti-cuti Malaysia’ trip. The most suitable destination for a one-day trip and where it is not that far from KL would be none other than Malacca. It’s been quite some time since I last visited Malacca, and I’m quite surprised with the huge changes and developments observed in the city within these few recent years only except of its historical areas (old town) which had been declared UNESCO World Heritage Site and shall not be ‘disturbed’.

We first dropped by at the famous Jonker Street, a street filled with many shops selling souvenirs, clothing, locally popular food and beverages, etc. The famous steamed chicken with rice balls was our choice for the lunch. It was only 11 something and the queue were already so long as if that particular place is the one and only restaurant in the state. After the early lunch, we went for a walk around the iconic Stadthuys (popularly known as the Red Square) at the heart of the old town of Malacca. My sister took his two sons for a trishaw ride as his sons were already begging for it even before the lunch already. Their dream fulfilled.


Of course, we couldn’t miss the chance to visit the famous A Famosa Gate and St. Paul’s Church (on the hill) before leaving the old town. Our trip to Malacca didn’t end there as we continued our afternoon at the Malacca Zoo. A huge zoo plus the very reasonable entrance fees made the zoo a must-see attraction in Malacca. It is also near to the entry/exit point to Malacca from the North-South Expressway. The zoo also has the night safari but we couldn’t go for that as we need to leave by late afternoon already.


We saw many animals (Malayan tigers, leopards, tapir, deers, giraffes, rabbits, birds, tortoises, orang-utans, monkeys, hornbills, snakes, lions, elephants, cows, goats, crocodiles, etc). It is a tiring process to walk through the entire zoo but fortunately, the weather today isn’t too hot (cloudy most of the time). And as expected, any animals exhibited in local zoos are usually very lazy and inactive. They would be either not moving, sleeping or hiding somewhere. Sometimes, it is just so hard to spot them. Entering any zoos in Malaysia will makes you do the same; not seeing the animals, but finding the animals. But I think that this Malacca Zoo is slightly better than the National Zoo.

And so that’s the end of our short trip to Malacca on Malaysia Day this year. Before we returned home, we dropped by at Seremban (along the highway) to try on a seafood restaurant which is receiving a lot of recommendations from the internet as told by my sister. So…there goes the end of the day. Have to get back to work tomorrow. Holiday mood shall be turned off by now. But it’s okay. Weekend break is coming soon too. Anyway, before the day ends, I would like to wish Happy Malaysia Day again!



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