Some shots from my phone that I find surprisingly beautiful.

Well, it’s a boring Friday night. I have done scrolling down my Facebook home page, done my TV session, taken my bath, finished my dinner, and I’ll have to just pick up my iPhone to do something. Checking back images I have taken from the day I first owned the phone (back in 2012) is a long process as there are over thousand of photos in my phone’s album. However, most of them are work-related and I’m going to take them off my phone soon. They are killing up my phone’s space. When I had a quick look through to most of the images in my phone, I found that there are some that were captured beautifully and at the right moment of which I find the need to share it here in my blog.

Here you go…Some very random but spectacular shots my iPhone 5 able to get throughout these years.

photo 1


I like everything of this image. It’s taken on my cable-car ride up to Mount Titlis, Switzerland during my trip to central Europe in early 2013. White all the way (snow!!!)

photo 2

Also taken during the trip mentioned earlier. What’s better than showing the iconic Paris’ Eiffel Tower with a perfect clear blue sky in the backdrop. Can be made a wallpaper too.

photo 3

No clear sky? It’s okay. Dark cloudy sky can also work out for a good picture. It helps to add certain ’emotion’ to a shot too. This one also from that particular trip, and that’s the famous Big Ben in London, UK.

photo (3)This one is from another trip. My trip to Yunnan, China early this year. Just a quick shot when I saw a nice slim bridge while I’m on a bus ride travelling to some place. After I have taken the shot, and when I looked at it back, I was immediately impressed of how great I captured it.

photo (2)

This one also from Yunnan trip. An on-going performance few thousand metres above sea level with the picturesque natural backdrop of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain that stands over 5000 metres high. Simply breathtaking.

photo 2 (1)

Also from the Yunnan trip. Beautiful rays from the Sun, that instantly had me feel a little closer to the beauty of mother nature.

photo (1)

This one was taken recently from my Bali trip in mid of this year. The tranquil temple, together with the pristine lake and the foggy background makes you wonder whether you have arrived at a mythical place or heaven.

photo 4 (1)

Also from that particular Bali trip. Beautiful sunset and the wave captured at the right moment when it is about to hit the shore.

photo 1 (1)


It’s time to get back to shots in my country. Shown above are fireworks over Kuala Lumpur city skyline on ushering to new year 2014. This image generated a lot of attention when I shared it in my Facebook page on the New Year Day.

photo 4The sun looks like it is directly above the iconic Petronas Twin Towers, in between their pinnacles.

photo 5 (1)

A shot taken only last month of the city of Kuala Lumpur from far. Impressive city skyline that I enjoy especially when I pass by on some high flyovers.


Beautiful LED sunflowers at the I-City, Shah Alam. There’s a lot of colourful LED lightings over there that are sure to capture your attention.

photo 3 (1)

You may wonder why I put that image (above) as some of the best shots I have taken from my phone. Well…you would know straight away what I am trying to show you from that image. A total of six traffic lights in red within a very small distance. That’s something you don’t find usually except when you use this road (at Petaling Jaya) everyday.

That’s all. Some of my great shots from my iPhone shared here to fill up my boredom in Friday’s night. Have a great Friday night, and the coming weekend!




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