Apple generated global buzz again from its unveiling of new iPhone 6.

Hmm….It’s quiet when the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was introduced not long ago. When Apple’s new iPhone 6 was unveiled yesterday, it is generating buzz worldwide as many were talking about it, including me right now, whom would love to share my personal thought of this latest product from the Apple brand here. Sorry…Samsung. It is still a popular brand that has a very good market across the world when it comes to smartphone or tablet, but once Apple is ready to introduce their products, Samsung has to step aside. Even now they are a lot of China’s brands that are out to pose a great competition on smartphone’s market.

It’s been a year since Apple last unveils the iPhone 5C and 5S. Yesterday, Tim Cook, the current CEO of Apple, revealed not only one, but three latest products of the brand; iPhone 6, iPhone 6+ and Apple Watch. Some loved it, some just find that Apple couldn’t excel further after the death of Steve Jobs. Some just like the talk and its marketing strategy (but not the product). Varying feedbacks.


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Many had already been curious and excited few months back when Apple announced that they will introduce the latest iPhone in September. Now, finally, we got to see how it looks like after it is introduced at the Flint Center, US. As what I have expected, the iPhone 6 has slightly bigger screen (4.7 inch) compared to iPhone 5 (which is the one I had now that has 4 inch screen display). Smartphones couldn’t avoid from becoming bigger and bigger now.

I recalled when we were kids, our dads used super-huge phone. Then, as we grew up, the handphones were getting smaller. The smaller it is, the ‘greater’ it is. Now, the smartphones on the other hand are getting bigger. What a trend…I personally felt that smartphones should be restricted to size that is suitable and optimum for our average hand’s size. I find the size of iPhone 5 is already the furthest/biggest it can go for our hand’s convenience. So, I don’t quite like the idea of the iPhone 6 having yet, a bigger screen. Not to mention that the iPhone 6+ is even bigger with 5.5 inch screen display. But I do like the fact that the iPhone 6 or 6+ are thinner now.

I didn’t read much on the specifications for the new iPhone 6 and 6+, because I don’t really intend to replace my current iPhone 5 and go for 6. The only bad thing of my iPhone 5 is its’ battery life which is way too short. I believed many iPhone users are frustrated by this too. Right? When they said iPhone 6 has longer battery life, I am in doubt of that too. Wait…let’s not forget the new Apple Watch. This is cool. I knew that they were other version similar to this kind of ‘smart-watch’ in the market way before already, but I’m still couldn’t get my eyes off Apple Watch. And fortunately, the Apple Watch which is set to be released in early 2015 can be adapted for iPhone 5 too. Yay!!!…I can buy only the Apple Watch, that can synchronize nicely with my phone then. Love how the watch can act mostly like a phone now (and even few more functions that phone doesn’t have) and brings impressive functionality to my wrist. Just way too cool.

So, I’m not that interested on the latest iPhone 6 or 6+, but I do have my attention on the Apple Watch. Planning to buy only that watch for my current iPhone 5. What is your opinion?


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