September kicks off…it’s going to be a busy month. And it’s time for Incheon 2014.

Hello…September! Just finished watching the final match between Lee Chong Wei of Malaysia and Chen Long of China in the prestigious World Badminton Championship 2014 held at Copenhagen, Denmark. I expected Chong Wei to win since Lin Dan is not here, and now I couldn’t believe he lost to Chen Long too in two straight games (19-21, 19-21). Chen Long’s performance has improved so much that I find that he is the next Lin Dan. Unfortunately, Chong Wei couldn’t win the world champion title again despite many attempts in previous years and also this latest one. It seems like he has no fate to world champion title despite being ranked world number one for so many years. Pity him…try again next year? Let’s accept the fact that he is getting older and weaker. The chance for him is diminishing. Hmm…another unhappy news for the Malaysians in this year full of tragedies or sad events to the country.

Most of the international sporting events scheduled this year were over; Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games, Brazil 2014 FIFA World Cup, Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, and the recently concluded Nanjing 2014 Summer Youth Olympic Games. But there is one more left, which is the Incheon 2014 Asian Games that is going to kick off from September 19 to October 4th, 2014. I’m looking forward to this games, particularly on its opening and closing ceremonies, as well as my country’s performance in the games. The games is going to start not long after we celebrate Malaysia Day on September 16. Keep up the ‘Malaysia Boleh’ spirit and bring back more gold medals for the nation!

In conjunction with the upcoming Asian Games, the blog’s header of the month is going to present the newly-constructed Incheon Asiad Main Stadium. The stadium would hosts the opening and closing ceremonies, as well as athletics events of the games. But the visual is actually a rendering as I couldn’t find any impressive real shots of the stadium currently. Rendering always look better, and what’s being built slightly differs from the rendering (the structure is more white now). It’s a remarkably beautiful stadium, and I like the whiteness of the stadium (but it will gets dirty easily). Incheon, the host of this 17th edition of the games, is considered a new contemporary city, with many parts only being developed in recent years, making the city a major transportation hub in North Asia, and also a standout beautifully planned city in Asia.


But I think I couldn’t have much time to watch events from this Asian Games unless Malaysians are in the final. Why? Because I’m going to be very busy this month for my work. Approaching deadlines, incoming additional tasks, over-the-top workloads expected this month and I’m worried the pressure would continue till next month too. Have to face it calmly too. Hoping that everything would be smooth for me in my works this month onward.


(Image source:

By the way, this is also the month that my blog is going to celebrate its 6th anniversary. Time flies. My blog is going to be 6 years old soon! Treating it like a baby of my own, as I realized how many hours and effort I have put into this blog. But expect lesser blog posts this month as I’m going to be quite busy as mentioned earlier. It’s going to be less active compared to last month, of which I updated my blog for almost everyday. Okay..that’s all.




One Response to “September kicks off…it’s going to be a busy month. And it’s time for Incheon 2014.”

  1. Happy early 6 years! :))

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