Some breathtaking sky-high photos by urban climbers. Felt like fainting just by looking at these images.

Ahh…What a great Saturday morning. Bright sun and relaxing day. And the happiest thing is that this weekend will be one day longer, thanks to the Merdeka Day this Sunday that will have Monday as a replacement holiday. As usual, time to check out my Facebook and saw some of my friends there sharing an article from Architizer which shows many sky-high photos captured by daring urban climbers. Thought that was interesting and hence, took the opportunity to share it here in my blog too.

Two images below taken on top of the under-construction Shanghai Tower. The climber was roughly at about 600 metres above ground, while they can see the nearby supertall Shanghai World Financial Center (492 metres) and Jin Mao Tower (421 metres) below him. Crazy acts, but the sights are worth it. But still too dangerous.




Next are two images taken to show the impressive density of buildings and only a partial skyline of Hong Kong. I wouldn’t dare to sit like him (in the first image below) and still felt so relaxed for a shot. I guess the third image below was taken somewhere at the top part of Central Plaza tower.







The following two images were at Dubai. Too bad, there isn’t any picture taken from the very tip of the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest man-made structure at 828 metres. But anyway, I have seen many others did managed to climb to the top of the building’s pinnacle and saw their shots somewhere else. Just not from Architizer’s site, the source where I shared these images. If you wish to check that out (for a shot 828 metres above ground looking below), you can easily ‘google’ it.



Last image below is something I didn’t expect could be done. This guy literally went inside through the head of Christ the Redeemer Statue at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and then reach to the top of the head. I didn’t know that’s possible. The statue itself is already on top of a hill overlooking the beautiful city.



Not many have that kind of bold and daring attitude to perform these stunts especially the ones whom were just sitting or standing on the edge of a tall buildings looking down below. Some called them mad or crazy, but they were the ones providing these breathtaking images for us to see. Selfie on a dangerous sky-high position. What’s more awesome than that?

(Images in this post are from this source: More photos from the source too).




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