Nanjing 2014 concluded with a good but short closing ceremony.

The 2nd Summer Youth Olympic Games, Nanjing 2014 ended yesterday with a splendid closing ceremony at Nanjing Olympic Sports Center, and was attended by Li Keqiang, the Premier of People’s Republic of China and Thomas Bach, the President of International Olympic Committee, together with over 60 000 people in the stadium. After 12 days of competition from youth athletes from over 204 countries and territories, the games finally closed but the Olympic movement goes on and gets even stronger.


Similar to the way of watching its opening ceremony two weeks ago, it was just so easy to click onto the official Online TV website of Nanjing 2014: to watch its closing ceremony. Convenient and free of charge. The closing ceremony was quite a short one, taking less than two hours. Deducting all the usual ceremony’s protocols at the first half of the show (arrival of participating national flags, speeches, playing of national anthems and raising of flags, etc), the performances took the last half of the ceremony.

And the unfortunate thing occurred during the ceremony was the downpour again. The weather isn’t helping at Nanjing 2014 at its most important times as it was too raining during its opening ceremony two weeks ago. But that didn’t dampen the spirit of the performers and the audiences. The energy was high…I can sense it from the 60 000 strong crowd in the stadium and also from the thousands of volunteers and performers. The performances in the closing ceremony were scaled down back with lesser dramatic or jaw-dropping moments. However, the quality, synchronization and the way each performance segments delivered were still brilliant and amazing. Simple yet colourful, with big thanks to the beautiful animated light projections.










The part that I liked the most would be the performance of different type of dances distinctive to various parts of the world. It reminded us that this is not only the games to show-off China as the host, but also the event to unite and symbolize the world. Every continents do take part in this games. And that is why this is Olympic Games (youth version). The ceremony ended with a poignant feel as the huge Olympic flame on top of the stadium was extinguished, signaling the official end of the games. And wait…there isn’t much fireworks again, just like its opening ceremony. For that, I’m disappointed again. They should send it off with a massive ‘bang’ but anyway, they still presented a good closing ceremony (better than the West).

My country, Malaysia is doing quite well in Nanjing 2014. In official medal tally, my country scored 1 silver and 1 bronze. But Malaysia actually obtained 1 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze in total as the extra 1 gold and the 1 silver are from Malaysian athlete teaming up with athlete of other nation and compete under Mixed NOC (National Olympic Committee) flag. This mixed-team is only allowed at Youth Olympic Games, not in Olympic Games.

Goodbye Nanjing 2014. Four years later, it would be time for Buenos Aires 2018, the 3rd Summer Youth Olympic Games. And the ambassador to that is none other than Lionel Messi, the highly popular football player from Argentina. So…Nanjing 2014 ended. But wait…sporting events this year seem like not stopping. Next month, we would have Incheon 2014 Asian Games.

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)


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