Skylines of many not-so-popular Chinese cities that will take your breath away too.

Once I mentioned about skylines, many of you would have thought of those popular big cities that are no doubt boosting some of the world’s best-looking skylines like Hong Kong, New York, Chicago, etc. In fact, China alone is doing great in terms of its skylines found in some of the highly-populated Chinese cities. The first in your mind must be Hong Kong, which many claimed that the city is ranked No.1 in the world when you are comparing the city skylines. My city, Kuala Lumpur also looks great for its skylines, thanks mostly to the iconic Petronas Twin Towers, but if you compare it to Hong Kong, KL is so far behind.

I have visited Hong Kong once few years ago and I’m truly impressed by the density, and the tallness of every little buildings in this small island-territories. Wonderful scenery with picturesque backdrop of hills beautified with impressive lighting of buildings at night. No doubt it is No.1 in the world in terms of skylines. Next in China would be Shanghai, another mega-city but with beautifully-planned and organized areas for skyscrapers particularly the iconic Pudong district that is home to three of the city’s tallest buildings. Won’t explain any further on these two cities as you must have known and seen many pictures of Hong Kong and Shanghai before too, right? My highlight of this post is on the other not so known Chinese cities that you will be awed once you look at their skylines too. These cities will surprised you.

First is Guangzhou. This city is steadily gaining popularity due to its success on hosting the 2010 Asian Games. Many parts of the city particularly the central business district undergoes massive transformation to turn the city into a world-class urban centre. Many modern public spaces, impressive and tall buildings were also built as a sign of extensive growth of the city’s economy. Current tallest building in the city is the 432 metres Guangzhou International Finance Centre. The skyscraper won’t hold that title long as a construction is underway for the city’s new tallest right opposite it. It would be named CTF Finance Centre with 530 metres height. The city is also home to current world’s second tallest TV tower, the 600 metres tall Canton Tower. So, here is what you get to see of Guangzhou:








Next is Shenzhen. I have visited this city in my same trip to Hong Kong few years ago. That time I was thinking; ‘What is Shenzhen? I have never heard of that place before. Is it a town or a village? Must be under-developed.’ Once I step my foot onto the city for the first time, I was all wrong and stunned. Highrises everywhere with wide roads, busy and crowded streets, advanced infrastructures and public transportation, etc. Huh…Current tallest building in the city is Kingkey Finance Center Plaza that stood at 442 metres. The building won’t hold the title for long too as a project is also underway to build a 660 metres tall Pingan Finance Centre building. Crazy height…China loves to build supertalls in recent years.






The third would be Chongqing, China. I’m sure not many have heard of the city before. There is no major landmarks representing this city or anything. But the density of the tall buildings sprawling in this city is no question massive. I also couldn’t explain anything more about this city as I didn’t know much about it too. We will just let ‘picture speaks a thousand words’;





The fourth and last on my list would be Nanjing. This city is particularly famous now because it is currently hosting the 2014 Summer Youth Olympic Games. This games let the world knows of this city’s existence and since then, its popularity rises just like Guangzhou. The city’s current tallest building is the 450 metres high Nanjing Greenland Finance Centre.





Breathtaking skylines, right? Remember, these are not from Hong Kong or Shanghai. These are only from Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chongqing and Nanjing. They are just secondary Chinese cities but are already presenting awesome skylines that could even compete with major cities across the world like Singapore, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, Bangkok, Toronto, Sydney, etc.

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)


1 thought on “Skylines of many not-so-popular Chinese cities that will take your breath away too.

  1. …and then there’s Penang with Komtar!

    HK has a great skyline – improved in part by its topography – and for a city of its stature, Tokyo’s skyscrapers are mostly unrecognizable. The Sky Tree is helping to change that a bit.

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