Black Heart White Soul (2014), one of TVB finest series in recent years.

‘忠奸人’ (Black Heart White Soul) is a 2014 TVB modern thriller series of 30 episodes. It starred Roger Kwok, Krystal Tin, Ron Ng, Kiki Sheung, Waise Lee, Louis Cheung, etc. At first, I didn’t plan to watch this series. When it aired its first twenty episodes, I’m still concentrating on another series named ‘Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain’. Once I finished that series and had nothing else to watch, I immediately switched over to this after hearing many positive feedbacks for the series. And it really turned out great. There was a time I had to catch up to its latest episodes and so I have to watch like more than five episodes per day. It is just so interesting.


The script for this series is by far among the best I have seen in TVB dramas in recent years. Brilliant plot and fantastic storytelling. The way the story builds up with more complicated sides is interesting while at the same time not confusing. It makes you get intense and excited for almost every episodes as the story progresses. You tend to feel curious of where this or that leads to and that is a good thing for a drama. Story development went well and not draggy all along too. Plenty of powerful scenes to get you thrilled too especially the parts where evil plan surfaced.

This is my first time seeing Roger Kwok taking on a villain role. He had previously praised for his villain role in 2008’s ‘Last One Standing’ but I didn’t watch that drama. He did a very good job in this series. He did those expressions like evil smirk or scheming eyes very well. However, I still couldn’t say that his performance here is outstanding. Just very good. His ‘split-personality’ character (hence the series’ title) is very strong and I considered Roger to have nailed this role too. Ron Ng had been previously criticized for having only average acting quality and had since been pushed to second lead or even supporting roles. Here, he shined again as ‘Funny Sir’ (reminded me of Raymond Lam as ‘Happy Sir’ in 2012’s ‘Highs and Lows’). His scenes especially in the last few episodes marked his breakthrough. Krystal Tin did another amazing performance. She handled those emotions very well which are so much required from her character. Another best actress chance for her this year after winning it last year for her ‘Yiu Man-ying’ role in ‘Brother’s Keeper’.



The only one I have to criticize is Lisa Lau, portraying as Gillian in the series. It is quite a heavy role and it is given to a totally new artist. That’s a superbly wrong decision. I prefer Vivien Yeo (the one portraying as Icy) to take on Gillian’s role whom is Ron’s girlfriend and later wife in the series. Lisa’s acting isn’t really that bad but her weirdly-proportioned face just make everyone simply hate her existence. Sorry for being too harsh but I couldn’t prevent myself from saying this. On the other hand, the other casts did great especially Louis Cheung as Marco. He is a talented actor and I guess he will win at least Most Improved Male Artiste in TVB Anniversary Awards end of this year looking from his solid and outstanding performance in this major supporting role. He can even be a strong challenger in Best Supporting Actor category too. Leanne Li also improved a lot in this series.

The background musical score also aided a lot on building up climax or intensity for most of the scenes. I had just finished its finale episode just now and I am impressed. The finale concluded this fantastic series very well. I like how they have Roger’s character still would not turn over a new leaf over what he had done and chose to be in prison longer just to get forgiveness from Krystal. That’s wicked cool. The series also taught us not to do anything bad even if it is in name of our loved ones or for our own’s advantage. However, there are still some plot-holes like what is the fate of Marco and Gillian in the end, but for me, that’s not important anymore.

Hmm…I would love to give this series 8.1 out of 10. But once ‘Gillian’ came into my mind, I have no choice but to deduct 0.2 point. So, my final rating to ‘Black Heart White Soul’ is 7.9. From A to A- now but still a very high marks from me. This is really a good and a remarkably intelligent series. So far the best series this year.

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3 Responses to “Black Heart White Soul (2014), one of TVB finest series in recent years.”

  1. Vincent I’m glad you like this series because I think it’s a very intelligent series as well. It’s also weird how the last episode hasn’t even been aired in HK yet, but in some websites it’s already uploaded. To be fair, I think Gillian’s performance is mpressive despite her weird looking face. She’s very expressive but she doesn’t go over the top, it’s just maybe because her character is born to be unlikeable.

  2. Dream Chaser Says:

    I love this drama! Great story line, really shows the “grey area” between white and black. There is no absolute good and bad person. I have been looking for the epic background music score which “aided a lot on building up climax or intensity for most of the scenes” any idea of that score’s name? 🙂

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