Let’s see our world from above.

There are in some past occasions that I came across some websites or pages shared by my Facebook friends showing many breathtaking images taken above, looking right down beneath. That’s bird-eye’s view. There are some that I even find the need to share it to my other friends, and now onto my blog here too.

We will be easily mesmerized by these images as what we are seeing everyday is from our ordinary eyes’ level / street level unless you are working as a pilot or an astronaut. It’s totally different and it is always feeling good or amazing looking things below you from high above. This is why I always love to sit at the side of the window everytime I board a plane. I also love going up to a tall building’s observatory (had been to Taipei 101, Eiffel Tower, KL Tower, etc) for sightseeing and to see how small everything are below me.

Without wasting any more time, here are some breathtaking satellite images to let us see our world from above:






satellite-aerial-photos-of-earth-15(Images source: http://www.architecturendesign.net/29-breathtaking-satellite-photos-that-will-change-how-you-see-our-world/)

Anybody can guess where are those pictures taken? The first one is showing the Central Park in New York City. Second one is showing the blocks somewhere in Barcelona, Spain. Third one is of course only a small portion of the Great Wall of China. Fourth image is view of Venice, the beautiful floating city of Italy from above. Fifth image is showing the Durrat al-Bahrain artificial islands, the lesser known man-made islands project compared to Dubai’s Palm Islands and World Islands. Last (sixth) image shows housing arrangement at Boca Raton, Florida.

These are only some of the striking images I dig up today. There are actually a lot more I have seen previously that had my breath taken away. If you are free, you can try searching some interesting places in Google Earth, a very useful apps/software where you can see places from above or even now from street view. Try Beijing’s Forbidden City, Cambodia’s Angkor Wat, Paris’ city layout, those Dubai’s crazy projects, etc. You would be awed. Some buildings also have their 3D form appeared for you to better understand how it looks like too in Google Earth. Ok…get off my blog and go play Google Earth. Haha…



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