Shanghai Tower reached full height in its construction and is now the world’s second tallest building.

To all skyscrapers’ fans, this is a great news. After nearly six years of construction, the Shanghai Tower has finally topped out officially when it reached its full height on its construction early this month. It has topped out a year ago, but only reached its final height when the last part of the roof is secured in place. And its final height now stands at 632 metres (2 073 feet).

If you are still unsure of how high that is, then imagine it’s double the height of Paris’ Eiffel Tower. Only behind Burj Khalifa (828 metres), Shanghai Tower is now the world’s second tallest building. It is also China’s tallest building, and is one of the three buildings in the world (not including TV towers) that stood above 600 metres mark. Looking up to the top of the building may break your neck.

So, what isn’t better than showing here some most recent images of the tower.





Spectacular building in a spectacular city. Shanghai Tower’s impressive height made it stood out easily above the rest of the many buildings in Shanghai that are already tall including its neighbours, the Shanghai World Financial Center (492m) and Jin Mao Tower (421m). I’m not only amazed by its height, but also by its free-flowing undulating design as the building’s form rises from the ground to the top. Clean, neat and fluid facade.

Here’s some interesting data regarding Shanghai Tower:

Height, architectural: 632 metres.

Height, to top of roof / tip: 632 metres.

Height, to highest occupied floor: 561 metres. 

Floors above ground: 128.

Floors below ground: 5.

No. of elevators: 106.

Tower’s General Floor Area: 420 000 metre square.

Building function: Hotel, office.

Energy Label: LEED Gold.

Architect: Gensler (Marshall Strabala as Chief Architect)

More data here:

Also not to forget that I like how this building addresses multiple ‘green’ / sustainability issues on its design (hence certified as LEED Gold) which should be seen as an example by others. Set to be completed and opened next year, I’m looking forward to visit this building soon. Going up to its observatory which will be the world’s tallest observatory (even taller than the one in Burj Khalifa that is only at about 400m level) would be certainly an overwhelming experience especially the opportunity to view the city’s skyline from this crazy height.


Shanghai Tower is going to be epic when the lighting is on soon. Looking from this angle (image above), the city can still cater for more supertall skyscrapers in near future since its economy is rapidly booming and the escalating interest on building big and tall in China.

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