Movie review – The Purge: Anarchy (2014)

I thoroughly enjoyed ‘The Purge’ last year. I found the idea within the movie to be very awesome and gave way to many exciting thrills. If you have not heard of the movie, it sets in near future of new America, where there is an annual event called ‘Purge’ on which any crime is legal for one night from 7am to 7pm including murder. The first film focused solely in a house and we got to see exciting cat-and-mouse game in it already. This year, its sequel ‘The Purge: Anarchy’ is released and I’m not going to miss it.


And this time, things go in larger scale as an armed man who saved a couple and a lost mother-and-daughter pair run through the downtown Los Angeles during the purging night. I’m delighted of how this sequel turned out. Usually, any sequel would do poorer than its predecessor. But this one is the other way round. The plot is engaging and the intense thrills never stop once the purge started not long after the movie began. I also like the way they shown the event in much larger proportion (that it should be) which now involves various parties and more social-related elements arising from such event like class hierarchy, anti-purging movement, etc.


So, a group of people trying to get away from the dangerous streets, trying to find a safe shelter, avoiding themselves from potential killers, with the man who saved them hiding his objective of wondering out there of which he then came across and unintentionally rescued them. This couldn’t escape from being interesting. Some scenes that I particularly liked are the surprising chaos within a friend’s house that the group successfully made their way to find shelter, and also another scene in a dark enclosed hunting ground where the wealthy paid to kill the less fortunate hunted group. Really getting me on the edge of my seat.

It’s nice to finally see actual street activity during the Purge event of which we couldn’t do so in the first film that is too much restricted within a single home. ‘Some purge for kicks. Some purge for revenge. Some just try to survive the night.’ Now, we got to see how the Purge actually works in a wider situation, while focus still remains within that group of people. Everything just went nice and balanced. The ending is also quite nicely executed with a surprise and a clear conclusion where things go explained. The casts did their job well, as they delivered very realistic performances.



Out of 10 points, I rate ‘The Purge: Anarchy’ a total of 7.5. So, generally, this one is an improvement over the first film. I’m hoping that they would be a continuing sequel, of which I suggest to emphasize on the anti-purging movement that would brought revolution against the so-called New Founding Father’s principles for the third film. Part of this second film had already been viewed as a precursor for this theme that can be explored further for its next potential film. Just a bit of my thought if another sequel is indeed going to happen of which I hoped so.

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