Just finished this latest TVB series; ‘Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain’.

寒山潛龍 (Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain) is a 2014 Hong Kong period drama by TVB that revolves on the Tin Kei Agency, an investigation agency of the Northern Song dynasty that specialized on solving strange cases in the kingdom. It is headed by Fung Nam Tin (whom later turned out to be the villain), and he had mentored many talented constables whom include Cheung Sing (Kenneth Ma), Chuen Gong (Power Chan), Dai Lik (Pierre Ngo) and Yeung Mao (Lin Xiawei). As the main character, Cheung Sing is entangled into various conflicts and troubles, of which mostly are from the Mei Leung (Selena Li), a prostitute whom appeared to look exactly like his wife, Tou Fa (Selena Li).


Yup. Like I mentioned earlier, both Mei Leung and Tou Fa are portrayed by Selena Li. So she is the main female lead. This is the fourth Kenneth Ma and Selena Li portrayed as a couple. And I find this on-screen pair quite compatible and cute together. It has been quite some time not seeing them together in a series as in present, the pairing is always Kenneth with Tavia. But I also couldn’t deny that Kenneth and Tavia’s pairing creates wonderful chemistry too.

Ok..back into this series I have just finished watching. It is 30-episodes long. It also starred Raymond Cho, Lau Kong, Mary Hon, Ram Chiang, etc. It started off very interesting. Constables solving weird cases which will certainly involves a lot of careful observations and thinking. I like this kind of storyline. At first, it was like one case per episode. So, things came and got solved very quick. This fast pace system that got me interested didn’t last long. After first few episodes, everything gets slow and draggy back (similarly to many present TVB series). They will only excite you in the first few episodes and the last two. That’s all.

The only major point that saved the series is Selena Li. She hasn’t been heavily promoted by TVB eventhough she had been in the industry for many years. For this one, she is given the main lead and she did it extremely well. It’s also not easy to portray two characters at once, both with totally different personalities. There is still room of improvement for her, but I can say this is among her best performance so far. Very underrated. I guess she would not be given any award by the end of the year too, but I hope she will get acknowledged at least in the top 5. I like most of her scenes. Realistic and comfortable watching her. Her scenes as Tou Fa are light-hearted, fun and cute while at the same time, I didn’t find that annoying for even a single second. Then, it’s really good.


Kenneth Ma delivered another typical performance here. He isn’t that good or outstanding here. You can see a lot of his ‘puppy-eyes’ look here. I have seen that several times in his previous series, but for this one, his character made him went too far, and that disturbed me. On the other hand, Power Chan had given another solid performance. Pierre Ngo is not bad too. Lin Xiawei and Candy Chang have both improved a lot as observed from this series. Both may stand a chance to face against each other for Most Improved Female Artiste Award at the end of this year.

The plot isn’t good nor terrible. Just average. Some plot twists add points but the plainness of the story development brings the series down. Even the ending I had watched just now isn’t exciting of which it should be as I’m expecting it. Nothing spectacular and no intense or any memorable scenes. This series would be easily forgotten. Nevertheless, still a good form of entertainment to kill off your time every night on weekdays. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain’ a total of 6.8. Before I end this review, I want to say that this series’ title in English is a bit weird. Agree right?

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One Response to “Just finished this latest TVB series; ‘Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain’.”

  1. The series started off very promising with Chuen Kung as the investigative lead giving us a look at ancient Chinese forensics. Then it faltered as the main storyline shift focus to the relationship of Cheung Sing and his wife /twin nemesis. Looks as if the scriptwriter veered off course for reasons better known to himself. That is what brought down the premise of the serial’s storyline.

    I normally do not write to comment on TVB serials . But somehow what prompted me to was Power Chan’s acting I agree that he turned in a solid performance. He was the sole reason I bothered to sit out the series as I will not bother to stick around to the end for insipid serials from TVB. If only the lead actor will take a leaf from Power’ s solid performance. He and Lin Xia Wei with Pierre NGO made it bearable to watch. For the first time Power Chan is given a considerably major lead. I have noticed his acting , even in smaller roles in previous Tvb drama, he comes across as an impressive actor be it in good guy or bad guy role. Versatile and talented. If one is a good actor, he or she can make an impression be it in small or lead role. He is one talented actor from HK not given enough credit or recognition for his acting. Sad that HK entertainment industry celebrates the popular and current flavour and not so much talent, skill or acting ability, perhaps that’s why it is in the doldrums whilst Korea has progressed by leaps and bound and took the world by storm . I guess talented actors/actresses in the second echelon will never be given the chance to helm a major challenging role as compared to Tvb’ s popular and favored cream on the crop even though their acting skills don’t measure up and turn in , not only the same boring performances but also unconvincing acting.

    Though Kenneth Ma was the lead, he failed to impress with his usual brand of mediocre acting – nothing great to talk about. The series started out serious but turned semi farcical as it centred on Ma and Selina Li’s dual characters. Both their characters spoiled the tone of the series though they were major roles. Selina was not convincing as the simple Tao Fa. What’s with the rubbing of the nose to portray her character as the simpleton Tao Fa? Isn’t that already passé acting.? I couldn’t wait for their scenes to be done with, at times cringing at the silly farce between them.

    I am glad Lin Xia Wei did not overdo her part as a female constable. She is commendable in this outing with her natural acting. Some actresses be it newcomers or established would most often overdo this kind of character with their over acting. The pairing of Power and Lin was surprisingly good as the maturity in their acting came across. Too bad their scenes together were short and few. But then good things are always short and sweet. If the scriptwriter had extended and dragged on their pairing with each other , it would have ended draggy and unbearable like Cheung Sing and Tao Fa.

    Pierre Ngo too was also commendable in his role as Tai Lik. He has shown a propensity for comedic acting in his role as Tai Lik. He is one of the few emerging talents from HK that can play varied roles from a bullied nerd to hen pecked spouse to confidence lacking constable in Ghost Dragon.

    The ending of Yan Mei Leung ‘s memory loss thus making her come back ala Tao Fa to search her past contributed to a lame ending which did not help the series at all.

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