Movie review: Into The Storm (2014)

Yes…Yes…Finally a disaster film is hitting the big screen after quite some time since we last saw the epic ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ and ‘2012’. ‘Into The Storm’ is a film based on storms of course (title says all), but to be specific, a series of tornadoes that strike a town which are documented by several people. I personally like to watch disaster films, and so once ‘Into The Storm’ is out, I’m not missing the chance to watch it as early as I can.



I got to know of this movie several months ago when I first watched its trailer. The trailer looks good and promising, but I do still have a bit of worry that time that this film is going to end up bad like many past B-category disaster films. Fortunately, it’s not and it turned out exceptionally thrilling for me. Ignore the critics’ unsatisfying reviews to this, and just sit back, relax and enjoy the movie. I recommend to watch this in cinema for a more powerful and realistic experience like what I did just now. You would love it.

Well, I expected the start of the film to be a bit slow and boring as that is the time to introduce those main characters and a bit of their story before the storms came to wreak havoc. It’s actually good to have that part so that the characters wouldn’t be flat, shallow or are just there to die. Stay positive and patient for the first quarter of the film, as once the storms started, every minutes of the film will take your breath away. Trust me. My heart was pounding most of the time.


As a disaster film, I think ‘Into The Storm’ had already delivered. There are many scenes depicting the chaos or the destruction done by the terrifying tornadoes eventhough they just hit a small town. No major city or plenty of towers affected but still the scale of it is awesome. Not too much, not over-the-top and just sufficient to keep the audiences on the edge of their seats. The visuals are magnificent. The shots of the storms from near or from far are very realistic. While we are watching it, it is as though we were really brought ‘into the storm’. The loud sound effects also aid a lot on engaging us to what the characters have been going through in the film. There are also a number of very intense climax-reaching moments (especially the last storm), of which I am blown away. Really exciting.

The casts also did quite a good job. Realistic and solid acting makes the movie further enjoyable, and doesn’t looks cheap. The film ended with quite a happy ending despite there are some characters killed as expected. If I’m the director, I prefer to have the main character Donnie died too (or his father) as to make the story more emotional and deeply felt. Just my suggestion. The film also gave a message for all of us; if we do not take care of the planet, the planet will ‘take care’ of us. Generally, it’s not the best disaster film out there, but it is still highly recommended especially to the fans of film of this genre. An exciting ride watching this film that offers breathtaking shots and scenes that would have you carried ‘into the storm’. Out of 10 points, I rate this film a total of 7.6. Enjoyed it a lot.

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