Glasgow 2014 was a successful games, but ended with a boring ‘concert-like’ ceremony

I was already not that happy back in 2012 when London 2012 organizing committee staged the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games to look more like a concert. An opening or closing ceremony should be bold, artistic and features mostly performances (synchronized routines or sequences that represents the nation) while the singing only made up minor segment of the show. London 2012 does the opposite and I was quite unimpressed with how they end the magnificent Olympic Games. And now, Glasgow did that again for its 20th Commonwealth Games’ closing ceremony held yesterday at Hampden Park Stadium.


Britain Commonwealth Games

I’m sure the audiences packed the stadium to enjoy the atmosphere and to check out what the organizing committee can offer to end the games. They were not there to watch a concert! If I’m there, I guess I would just wait boringly till the conclusion; the fireworks. I understood the aim of the organizers to create some sort of a party to end the games ‘wildly’ and ‘joyfully’. But doing it in a form of concert isn’t working. That basically sum up my thought of the just concluded closing ceremony of Glasgow 2014. Nothing much Scottish too. Its opening ceremony is slightly better.



I can say straight away that the ceremonies of the games took up very little budget. Appreciate their effort on saving or spending less money, but wouldn’t you put in extra effort to make the ceremonies memorable since it will be watched by millions of people around the world. Ceremonies are significant on showcasing the best of your country as the host to the whole world. And they take it for granted. Sorry to Glasgow, Scotland. It is a beautiful city with beautiful people. But the ceremonies weren’t right.

The closing was a further disappointment. Won’t complain any further. It is the organizers’ fault. It’s lack of effort and meaning. Lack of performances, and lack of essence of what a real ceremony should be. But I guess people will still enjoy the atmosphere at that time in the stadium packed of over 40 000 spectators. Part of the closing ceremony features popular singer, Kylie Minogue. Hmm…singing again. Another waste to a segment which is supposed to be on Australia’s hand to give us a glimpse of what Gold Coast could offer as the next games is to be held over there in 2018. The only catchy part of the ceremony is the ‘Auld Lang Syne’ (this iconic melody came from Scotland) segment that concludes  the show together with the fireworks display.




Well, it is still no doubt Glasgow staged a very successful games. A pure dead, brilliant games as mentioned by Prince Imran of Malaysia, the President of the Commonwealth Games Federation.

In Glasgow 2014, England finally topped the medal tally with 58 golds, 59 silvers and 57 bronzes. Very consistent in all three medal types won. In many previous editions of the games, Australia led the tally. This time, Australia came in second with 49 golds, 42 silvers and 46 bronzes. Also very consistent. Came in third was Canada with 32 golds, 16 silvers and 34 bronzes. Top three in the tally are always these three nations. Coming in fourth is the host country, Scotland with 19 golds, 15 silvers and 19 bronzes. That’s not surprising since host country usually do well. Previous host, India came in at fifth place with 15 golds, 30 silvers and 19 bronzes. My country, Malaysia only ended with 12th placing; 6 golds, 7 silvers and 6 bronzes. Poor outcome by Malaysian athletes this time. Hope our athletes will perform better in future games.

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)


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