Here comes August, another month filled with many global sporting events.


I guess many would still be in Raya mood in Malaysia even when you are not Malay and are not celebrating this festival. Well, we stand united on enjoying holiday together at least. Unfortunately, Raya holiday is now over (except for some who took the whole week off), and so does my vacation to Bali (if you have missed my post highlighting my Bali’s trip, just scroll down to check it out especially the shots I have taken). And now, even the month of July has passed. Welcome, August 2014.

Few more days, the 20th Commonwealth Games, Glasgow 2014 will come to an end too. I have not been catching up closely with the games as I have to spend my time on many other things lately. The time difference between Scotland and Malaysia made it almost impossible to follow closely to this games. But I would still update myself with the latest medal standing. Till now, my country only obtained three gold medals. Still far from the original target of seven golds, of which I considered already a very low expectation. Taking this chance to wish all the best to the Malaysian athletes competing in Glasgow 2014. Hope my wish here is not too late. ‘Malaysia Boleh’…go…go…go!!!

Like I have said earlier, this year is full of many international sporting events. Not long after the conclusion of Glasgow 2014, we will observe the arrival of Nanjing 2014 Summer Youth Olympic Games. Remember the first edition one held in Singapore back in 2010? Yup…this Nanjing 2014 will host the second edition. As expected, any China cities will present to us a very ‘huge-scale’ games, and will certainly impress you with their opening and closing ceremonies. I’m looking forward to that. Sportsmen and sportswomen must be very tiring this year.

These two global sporting events will certainly be the highlight of the month after the football fever back on June and July due to the concluded FIFA World Cup 2014 at Brazil of which Germany won. So, this time, the blog header of the month would be something about sports…how it is viewed from the audiences’ perspective in the stadium. And finally, I had the logos of the Glasgow 2014 and Nanjing 2014 superimposed in to complete the visual to represent the month(A copy of the blog header shown below)…By September, it will be Incheon 2014, the Asian Games’ turn. Huh…I have to say again; there’s really a lot of sport events this year!

August2014 Blog Header

For Malaysians, we are getting close to celebrate our country’s 57th Independence Day by the end of this month, 31st August. ‘Merdeka’ spirit is on, and so does the ‘Malaysia Boleh’ spirit, particularly for the Malaysian athletes competing for the nation on all these games. We all would be proud seeing our national flag flying high on the medal presentation ceremonies.

Last but not least, I’m wishing for a good month ahead for all of us! We have to let the Raya mood go, and it’s time to get back to work!


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  1. Ernie Zurainie Says:

    hello vincent,…  can u help me about the balinese style garden history…

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