Astro Star Quest 2014 Final.

Few days ago before the Raya holiday, on the day before my vacation to Bali, I attended the final competition of Astro Star Quest 2014, an annual local Chinese singing competition for the young adults aged between 18-24. It has been a long time since I last watched this competition live. It’s good to see it live again, as we were able to redeem tickets through my dad’s Astro points.

The Final was supposed to be held on 19th July 2014 (Saturday) but was later postponed to 25th July 2014 (Friday) due to the unforeseen tragic MH17 disaster that occurred only two days before the originally scheduled date. As a further mark of respect to the 298 victims of the tragedy, all the audiences and stage crews observed a minute of silence to pay tribute before the competition commenced at the Outdoor Car Park B of Bukit Jalil National Stadium at 8.30pm. The five finalists this year are Elaine, Ron, Yuii, Sean and Uriah. Three boys two girls. I had been following closely to this year’s competition and I saw high potential for the boys to perform better this year. And I was right.


In the first stage, each contestants had to perform a song of their favourite. Here, Elaine, Ron and Yuii didn’t deliver to their best form. They were the first three to sing. Then, the hot favourite to win, Sean stood out and stunned the audiences with his fantastic voice and delivered an outstanding performance, hence taking in the highest score in the first round, followed by Uriah.

Then, came the second round of which they had to perform fast-paced songs. This should be challenging to Sean as he only known to have mastered slow songs and had never attempted fast songs in all the previous preliminary rounds and semi-finals. Fortunately, he managed to pull it off. But no doubt the best performance in this stage belongs to Uriah whom amazed the audiences with great dance moves and the violin play in the end was overwhelming. Yuii also improved in this stage while on the other hand, I don’t get what Elaine is performing in this round. Poor Ron…he selected Lady Gaga’s ‘Bad Romance’ but delivered the song with total lack of power. That’s bad.

As expected, Ron took the fifth place sadly, but I admired his attitude when he said that he didn’t lost, as he had won at least the fifth placing. Yuii came out in fourth place. At this point, the top three were Sean, Uriah and Elaine. In the third round, they had to sing a song that can moves everyone particularly the judges of course. Hence, choosing slow sad songs is the right tactic here. I was surprised that Sean started to show decreasing voice, revealing his poor stamina/health. This is not good for him but luckily he still successfully proceed to the final (fourth) round with Uriah whom was rapidly improving as the competition is nearing its end. As predicted, Elaine is made the second runner-up as her score was quite far from the top two.

Two boys battle for the championship. They had to perform Pharell William’s ‘Happy’ in their own way. I have to say Uriah’s approach is better and more powerful and it is also an advantage to him since he is very good in English and that Sean isn’t in his good health condition (looks very tired) in the later part of the final. And so, Uriah is crowned the champion while Sean is the first runner-up. Sean also won the Most Favourite Finalist. A bit pity to Sean as he clearly has a much beautiful voice and outperformed the rest by delivering songs with depth and emotion that ultimately touched everyone. Nevertheless, Uriah is a multi-talented young star and he was like a full package as he is also capable in multiple musical instruments (piano, violin, etc) and that he can perform with energy and passion. Congratulation to him and also to the other four that had came so far to reach to the final.
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I was in the VIP seating (below VVIP). Quite a strategic place; not that far from the stage and I was only few metres away from the judges (the nearest being the Malaysian singer, Z Chen). But it was quite hot having to sit through the night there for over 3 hours. As reminded by the emcee, a good thing of watching an event live is that you would be able to see things that are not aired on TV. That’s right…The competition was over and there may be bright future particularly for Uriah and Sean in music industry. Now, have to wait another year for the next, Astro Star Quest 2015.



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