A lot of countdowns on the way…

Everyday as soon as I walked into my office in the early morning and sat down by my desk, the first thing I would do would be updating my work diary. For this week, there is one extra thing I’m writing down – number of days to several approaching events or holiday…It’s fun when the days you are waiting for are getting closer and closer…So here goes what I’m counting down for on this week:

1. Hari Raya holiday.


Five days to go. It’s a major celebration for the Muslims in the country. A major national holiday. Many would be taking extra days of leave next week after the public holiday that falls on Monday and Tuesday. Nice. The long break can commence by this Saturday right away. It’s a perfect opportunity for me to take a break and go somewhere (see below) for holiday. Will only be back to office on Friday next week.

2. Family trip to Bali, Indonesia.


Three days to go. Like I said earlier, the Raya holiday provides us the chance to forget everything about work and go elsewhere for fun and to relax after half year of work with no lengthy break to enjoy. So, I would be heading to Bali, Indonesia this Saturday and would only be back by next week’s Tuesday. A short four days trip, but I think that’s enough to cover Bali, since it is quite a small island and that I have previously visited Bali early this year too for a company study trip.

3. Astro Star Quest 2014 Final.


I have been following this local annual Chinese singing competition very closely. We had the tickets to the Final which is supposed to be held last Saturday at Outdoor Car Park besides National Stadium Bukit Jalil but was postponed to this Friday for respect to the tragic MH17 incident which occurred last Thursday. Luckily, the date was changed to this Friday and not Saturday. If not, I won’t be able to attend it since I would be already at Bali. So, two days to go for this Final which is going to be exciting battle between the five finalists.

4. Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.


Commonwealth Games, is a quadrennial multi-sport event that involves participants of over 70 Commonwealth nations. It is one of the world’s biggest international sporting events. This 20th edition is to be held at Glasgow, Scotland from 23 July to 3 August this year. That means, it’s happening tonight. The opening ceremony will be up in few hours time. Couldn’t watch it since it’s already midnight over here in Malaysia. I have to sleep. But Malaysians always felt closer or more attached to this Games since we have hosted it once back in 1998.

A lot of countdowns now, right?! Couldn’t wait for these days to come! Everything would be awesome from this Friday onwards till the end of next week.

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)


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