Germany is the FIFA World Cup 2014 Champion!


All eyes and cameras on Germany football team! A huge congratulation to them for winning the FIFA World Cup 2014! It appears that my predictions for the semi-final, third-place playoff and the final matches were all right. Wonderful. I guess now I can call myself quite a good forecaster. Haha…And my favourite team, Germany won in the end! Simply amazing! Do you know why I support Germany? I don’t know why. Ever since I started watching World Cup since 2002, I have been a silent (not crazy) fans of this country for no reason. But I guess I’m fated to be favoring Germany since my Chinese name (excluding my family name) if directly translated means ‘German language’.

So, the Brazil 2014 FIFA World Cup tournament concluded with all the 64 matches taken place at this beautiful South American country. Out of the 64 matches, I only watched the last two; third-place playoff yesterday between the host nation, Brazil and Netherlands. Brazil delivers another lousy performance and that gave way for Netherlands to score three goals quite easily. Hence, Netherlands is the second runner-up. At least consolation to Netherlands which went into the final (but lost) in the previous edition back in 2010. Brazil team was sent home with quite another complete humiliation due to the two consecutive defeats on their home soil, the worst in the history of their games.


Try again next time, Brazil. Now, it’s time for Germany to shine and celebrate! Even the iconic Statue of Christ the Redeemer at Rio de Janeiro, the city where the final match was held just now is brightly illuminated with colours resembling the German flag. The team must have made their country very proud of this achievement. This is now their fourth World Cup title (1954, 1974, 1990, 2014). The gap from the last time they won it is quite huge; 24 years! Finally, the prestigious trophy landed on their hands again! They astonishingly defeated Argentina at 1-0 in overtime match as both teams score nothing in the 90-minutes game, hence given extra 30 minutes to compete. And Germany finally scored a surprising goal at 113′ minute by Mario Gotze, few minutes before the extra-time is going to end too.

Germany v Argentina: 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Final


It was quite an intense and brilliant game just now. Both teams played very well, both in attack and defense. I can see it’s very hard to score even a goal as their levels are almost on-par. Hence, no goal for such a long time and most of the audiences were already emotionally-drained. There are some mistakes from both teams, but in the end, luck was still on German’s side before the need for the crucial penalty kicks. Argentina played very well, and Lionel Messi is superbly great as usual. But this is not the day for him unfortunately. So, Argentina is the first runner-up.

So now, Germany is the official champion of the just concluded FIFA World Cup 2014 held at Brazil from 12 June to 13 July. On the other hand, the individual winners are James Rodriguez from Colombia  for Top Scorer (6 goals), Lionel Messi from Argentina for Best Player, Paul Pogba from France as Best Young Player, and Manuel Neuer from Germany as Best Goalkeeper. Congratulation to them and the overall champion, Germany once again! The world is cheering on them! Wonderful game! It’s okay for me to sacrifice my sleep (it’s midnight here in Malaysia when the final match took place). See you for the next edition of the World Cup, Russia 2018!

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One Response to “Germany is the FIFA World Cup 2014 Champion!”

  1. I Am So Proud Of Germany Soccer Team Of The World Cup Bec
    ause They Won The Game Yesterday And It Was A Good Soccer
    Game And I Am Glad They Won The World Cup Yesterday And I
    Just Want To Congratulate Them For Winning The Medal And Tr
    ophy Of The World Cup 2014! Happy Winning!!!

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