It’s Germany VS Argentina in FIFA World Cup 2014’s Final!

Congratulations to both Germany and Argentina for winning their respective semi-final match. Both are now only one step away from the trophy, of which only one team could enjoy the fame of being crowned the champion in the end. Yes! The most anticipated football match, the FINAL of FIFA World Cup 2014 between Germany and Argentina will finally take place this Sunday (Monday’s early morning in Malaysia) at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I promised myself to watch that match (I skipped all the earlier matches).


It’s quite a long journey to be able to reach to the final stage; from collecting points in preliminary rounds in respective group, to last 16 matches, then to Quarterfinal, and last but not least winning the Semifinal. There are 64 matches in total, of which by now, there are only two more remaining; of course the FINAL and also the third-placing match (Brazil vs. Netherlands). Well, the latter isn’t the focus as the furthest the winning team of the match can get is only to be named the second runner-up of the tournament. Final is the one that the whole world will be excited for.

On Tuesday’s night, the result of the first semi-final match between Germany and Brazil is the most shocking of the whole tournament. 7-1! Germany with a whopping seven goals while the host nation, Brazil had only one. The match has been described as the most humiliating and embarrassing play by the Brazil team sadly. I knew many were supporting Brazil, and even before the match took place, everyone is predicting 50-50 outcome. The two are strong countries in football and neck-to-neck result is expected. I didn’t watch that match, but waken up that day to hear that result is really surprising.

My favourite pick is Germany but I never thought that Brazil would be defeated to such scale. It’s already semifinal! Perhaps, there are three reasons why they ended up losing so badly on that match;

(1) absence of Neymar, a successful skillful player whom is admitted to hospital due to injury in earlier matches.

(2) mounting pressure as their country is the host of this tournament. The stadium is packed full of their supporters, and that could lead to extreme stress for the players wanting so much to get things right not to disappoint them.

(3) few earlier scored goals by the German team had easily dashed the hope of the Brazilian players and broken their mood and spirit to go on.

(4) poor defense and tactics from the Brazilian team, while German has their luck that day.

Well, the match is over, and Brazilian team has to move on too. Let’s hope that they won’t contribute that kind of lousy performance again in the third-placing match, and most importantly in future matches too. Football means so much to their country.

This 7-1 result has been the chat topic the whole day yesterday. That particular match has created such a worldwide buzz that it is also been recognized by Twitter as the most tweeted match in the history of the site. This is not the case for the other semi-final match between Argentina and Netherlands of which the result is not that surprising. Both score no goals, and in the end, Argentina prevails with 4-2 in penalty kicks. Nothing much to comment on this match.

So, time for my last prediction. For third-placing match between Brazil and Netherlands, my pick is Netherlands. They have done fairly well, and looking from Brazil’s extremely devastating performance in the semi-final, Netherlands has the advantage unless Brazil returned to their top form (but it’s a bit too late). And….for the FINAL, I guess 60% winning chance for Germany and 40% for Argentina. I’m still choosing Germany. A solid team. Both of them appeared in Final back in 1986 once (Argentina won) and also in 1990 (Germany won). This is their third encounter in FIFA World Cup Final. Who will win? Germany? Argentina? Hmm…Three more days to the FINAL! Ole…ole…ole…ole..ole! Ole!!! Ole!!!


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4 Responses to “It’s Germany VS Argentina in FIFA World Cup 2014’s Final!”

  1. I Cannot Believe That Today Is The Last Final Soccer Game Of The World Cup And It’s Gonna Be Germany vs. Argentina And I Hope T
    hey’ll Win And Take Home The Trophy And The Medal Of The Worl
    d Cup 2014! Boy, Am I Happy For Them?

    PS I Am No Fan Of Those Team But I Am Glad That They’re
    Going To Win!!! Good Luck?

  2. The Both Of World Cup Soccer Ball Team Won And I Am Proud
    And Happy Of The Soccer Ball Team Because They Won A Tro
    phy And A Medal For The Highest Honor Of Winning The Game!
    Congratulations To All The Team Of The World Cup Finale!!!

    PS We Are The True Spirit Of The World Cup Winners!!!

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