Movie review – Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014)

This latest installment of the highly popular ‘Transformers’ film franchise must be one of the anticipated movies this year to most people. Who doesn’t like seeing awesome-looking gigantic transformable robots battling and destroying our cities in a movie? Especially boys. We totally like it. The first one was great, the second one (Revenge of Fallen) was a bit of a let-down, the third one (Dark of the Moon) was going back on the right track, and now we come to this latest fourth installment (Age of Extinction). And my first reaction after watching it was; ‘Ahh…this is not good. I’m having a headache now!’.


To say it in a much straightforward way, this is by far the worst ‘Transformers’ film compared to the earlier three. Michael Bay (the film director) should have stick to his early decision to have the 3rd installment as the last of the franchise, and not creating much more sequels that are getting lousier. Nevertheless, I’m sure this movie is going to make it big on the box office intake worldwide too (predicted to reach over 1 billion grossing), but in terms of quality, almost everything ends in disappointment.

The story is weak and not engaging. To be honest, I’m totally not interested on the issues between the main character (now changed to Cade Yeager portrayed by Mark Wahlberg) with her daughter and her daughter’s lover. But that’s one of the major storylines that dragged the whole thing and got us bored most of the time. Those are intended as to put in some moving human-centred elements instead of showing all robotic fights only, but in the end, it didn’t worked out well. No effort is put on the plot. I also realized that there are some hilarious scenes added in to crack things up (are okay) but still those don’t save the movie from becoming a disaster. The outcome is we have a movie that took over 2 hours and 30 minutes. That’s too long and it seriously wear us down.

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I can say only the last thirty minutes or so were interesting when things finally lead to massive battle at the city of Hong Kong. Only that part are crazily awesome, but by the time we reached that moment, our mood had gone downhill already. The actions are still great (as expected from Michael Bay) but sometimes, too much of that lead to mess and discomfort for the audiences to watch. Those action sequences should be done in much more organized way, only then it would be perfect. Now, it made me having a headache after watching it. Nevertheless, the visuals are great as usual, particularly some slow-motion effect scenes. But if you want me to compare the battle at Chicago in the ‘Dark of the Moon’ to this one at Hong Kong for the final climax, I prefer the former.


The familiar robot figures returning to this film are Optimus Prime (of course), Bumblebee, and only few others more. Many new transformers are added; some are great while some are pointless to be introduced here. The Dinobots are cool too. And one of the bad transformers, the Galvatron (actually is Megatron himself) survived and escaped. Hence, that indicates there may be more sequels coming in. Didn’t know whether it is a good or bad idea as they have turned this into something quite terribly wrong. On the other hand, in terms of acting, everyone performed fairly. Extra credits to Mark Wahlberg and Stanley Tucci as their performances stoo out than the rest.

Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ a total of only 6.9. That’s quite a low rating from me. Disappointed. It’s not that I came with high expectation. No. The film is excessively long, boring and incoherent. Not everything is bad. There are good points about this film too, but not that much. Still the worst in the franchise so far. Now, we have to wait to see whether the mess continued on its next sequel planned for release in 2016 or not. Hope it’s not.

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