‘Get lucky’ and ‘happy’ at Genting today. And ohh, this is my 1400th post!

Since me and my dad had nothing to do today on a boring Sunday, he thought maybe we can go up to Genting Highlands to try our luck. You know what it means…Chinese adults go there because of its casino, while the cool breeze up there is only the second reason. And so I agreed, and my sister’s family followed too. Her two sons must be very happy as they always wanted to play at the First World Hotel’s Indoor Theme Park. Wish fulfilled. Besides that, since the haze is worsening today at KL, hence going up to the hill where the air would be unaffected is a great idea.

My post’s title is self-explanatory, but have you wondered why I put in apostrophes to the words ‘get lucky’ and ‘happy’. That’s the feelings I am experiencing today at Genting Highlands, and coincidentally, both words are the titles of the recently popular songs by Pharell Williams. ‘Get Lucky’ was Pharell’s hit song last year which had won a lot in Grammy Awards, while ‘Happy’ is his latest masterpeice which comes from the original soundtrack of the movie ‘Despicable Me 2’ if you didn’t notice. Always hear the ‘Happy’ song, for like three times a day from radio station nowadays, until you couldn’t avoid yourself from loving it.

Anyway, in my previous trips to Genting’s casino, I always lost. But my amounts are nothing compared to the others (especially those aunties or uncles whom frequently putting in few hundreds or even thousands dollars onto the gambling table as if those are not money!). Luck is always not on my side. But that’s not the case today. Fortunately, I won few hundred bucks today. Great! Now, I can have my meals considered free for this one month. Hope the luck continues on my future visits. Stay focus and don’t be greedy. That’s the reminder.

Besides than having a disappointing lunch, a quick walk around First World Plaza (image below), enjoying a short magic performance there, a great time in the huge casino and finally a nice dinner, I also had the chance to observe the complete demolition of the previous Outdoor Theme Park’s region (image below), and there are already on-going site works. The previous lake totally vanished. Nothing new is erected yet, and we have to wait two years for the completion of the new 20th Century Fox Theme Park by 2016, the first of its kind in the world. Looking forward to that.

photo 1

photo 2

Have just returned home and once I intend to post these things up here into my blog, I realized that this post is my 1400th post. Wonderful! It’s definitely not easy to come to this far. ‘1400 posts’ is a milestone, and I achieved it on this nice day, dated 22nd June 2014. Hmm…expecting my blog to cross over 1500th post before the end of the year. Ok..bye…that’s the end of my Sunday.



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