10 Most Impressive Engineering Projects of All Time.

Humans have been proven to be great builders. From early ancient or prehistoric structures to modern impressive marvels these days, art of construction in mankind had been existed for over thousands of years. We have been aspired to build longer tunnels, taller towers, stronger walls or crazier structures since early civilizations. Recently, the Master in Civil Engineering of Norwich University, USA had compiled a list of top ten engineering marvels of all time. I have checked on that list and I’m interested to share this information with you all here. Before revealing the list, what’s your guess on structures that would be most likely listed? Roll down below and check how many you have got it right!

Click on the image for larger version so that you can read those written interesting facts too:



That’s an interesting visual presentation by Norwich University. Out of the 10 above, the ones that I’m most fascinated with are Great Pyramids of Giza, Great Wall of China, and English Channel Tunnel. The former two are also in the official list of Seven Wonders of the World while I personally had visited the latter two. Since advanced technology and innovative architecture have been very common in the present, many breakthrough engineering projects are made possible with lesser limitations these days. Hence, many in this top 10 list are still reserved for ancient or older structures (harder to build those crazy structures back in those days).

And stop saying that pyramids are built by aliens. Those conspiracy and all that…Why we couldn’t just appreciate and acknowledge the intelligence and the ultimate hardship by the builders constructing those structures back in the ancient times? Stop saying this or that was impossible back in those days. Everything has its solution and that is the reason why humans are now excelling further on building countless over-the-top structures!

(Original source: http://www.archdaily.com/517395/the-ten-most-impressive-engineering-projects-of-all-time/)




4 Responses to “10 Most Impressive Engineering Projects of All Time.”

  1. Hello Vincent.

    That’s a great infographic. I thought you might be interested in citing the original source for it. It comes from Norwich University’s Civil Engineering program.


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