Movie review: How To Train Your Dragon 2 (2014)

This year is filled with great animation movies! First, we have ‘The Lego Movie’ of which many claimed had raised up a bar on the standard or quality of animated productions. Then, we have an entertaining ‘Rio 2’. And now, we have another film I can called utterly satisfying and well deserved of a huge thumbs up from me. It’s ‘How To Train Your Dragon 2’, a sequel to the first film in 2010. The first one was great, and I can assured you that this sequel is no less better (or some say, even better).


The story starts five years after the event on the first film (have to watch the first one before continuing on this to know better on the progressing story flow and characters). Now, Hiccup and his best buddy, Toothless (Night Fury dragon) love to travel far to discover new lands, and they do…an ice cave that is home to hundreds of new wild dragons and the mysterious Dragon Rider (whom turned out to be his mum…opps, warning…more spoiler ahead). They have also learnt of a group of people planning to control all the dragons with evil intentions, and so they have to find themselves in the center of another battle to protect the peace.

This is an interesting story. The plot as it develops is engaging and had everyone paying attention including the adults. Yes, this movie is more for the younger kids, but I’m sure the older demographics will enjoy this as much as the children too. There are some cool scenes (especially of Hiccup flying with Toothless beyond the clouds). Those moments are magical and wonderfully displayed as though I can feel the same as they are. There are also a lot of hilarious parts that are certainly making this very entertaining (but some of those are lame and cheesy). Also showing more on dragon-to-dragon interactions this time which are lovely and mostly funny to watch too. The movie also didn’t disappoints with good amount of emotions and dramatic climax scenes particularly in the end. (how good it is that Hiccup’s family is reunited as he found back his mom whom was thought to be dead earlier, but later on in this film, his dad, the chief was killed). A lot of ups and downs, that contributes to an exciting adventure for the audiences. A solid story that makes this as successful as its predecessor film.



The visuals are great. The sound effects are good too. And I’m glad that part of the soundtrack is reusing the tracks from the previous film (but with a bit different tunes) which brings back nostalgia to this film. The voice-over performances are outstanding and the wonderful addition of new characters make this sequel fresh and captivating. It looks like there is nothing bad of this film that I can reveal. There are only some minor not-so-good issues here or there. Everything is positive generally. No wonder the film now had been receiving near universal critical acclaim. Truly deserving. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘How To Train Your Dragon 2’ a total of 8.0. (I very seldom gave a rating of over 8 points to a film). Hence, this is a remarkable achievement I gave to this animated movie. This sequel retains or even replenish the charm from the first film to another level. I’m glad that the third installment of this successful franchise is going to be out by 2016. A two-years wait.

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