Early Father’s Day celebration dinner at Thirty8 Restaurant @ Grand Hyatt KL

Father’s Day celebration is supposed to be on next weekend, but me and my sisters decided to have it yesterday (one week earlier) as my dad isn’t free this coming weekend. I am the one organizing this year’s dinner treat for my dad and I wish to have something new for the family. Since this only happens once a year, I decided to go for a more upper-class place. Perhaps a place that offers fantastic view of the KL city too. Then, after a bit of online research, I found Thirty8 Restaurant and Lounge at Grand Hyatt Hotel KL.

As the name is already self-explanatory, this fine dining is located on 38th floor, the highest level of the five-star hotel situated strategically across the Petronas Twin Towers. And it is just right besides the KLCC Convention Centre. Before selecting this place, the other restaurant I was interested earlier on is the Marini 57, the country’s highest rooftop restaurant at level 57 which is in Petronas Tower 3 (besides Twin Towers). But after comparing the menu of these two restaurants, Thirty8 is more suitable and the price is more reasonable. Hence, Thirty8 is the final choice.

Arriving at the hotel’s lobby, I am already awed with the high-end environment and amazing modern architecture on the interior. Next, we took the very fast lift straight to the highest floor, where the restaurant and also the Sky Lobby are. Luckily I made reservation many days earlier, and so we were provided a table by the window which is directly opposite the Twin Towers for a breathtaking view (can also view KL Tower at the side). From there, we also saw the Marini 57 (on top of Petronas Tower 3 right across) and it is a bit of irony as my first suggestion is that we are supposed to be there for this dinner. So, basically, we went down several more floors to level 38 (another building) to reduce the spending for the dinner. Haha… But still the price here in Thirty8 is costly too.


Greeted with very good services, we enjoyed our dinner (few chicken steak with different sauces, grilled double lamb chop, one pasta). I had a chicken steak with mushroom cream sauce. It was a huge meal and it tastes just ordinary. The others felt the same on their respective meal too. We also ordered a sashimi platter that costs RM100 (small) and a caesar salad as an appetizer which costs RM30 (small). Lastly, our dinner isn’t complete without the dessers and we have only ordered three signature cakes (everyone is complimenting on this in food review all over the internet). So we have to try. The serving is cool as it comes with dry ice (hence a lot of dry ice fog) and then the small cake poured with the chocolate sauce later on. RM25 – considered reasonable but for me, it tastes too sweet.




And so the bill came in. Almost RM 950. Must be one of the most expensive dinner I have ever had. It is seriously burning my wallet (as well as my sisters too as we were sharing on this for our dad). It’s okay since this is like once in a year only. Hence, only having one time pretending to be in upper-class society and enjoy fine dining to this scale. The dinner is also never complete without taking pictures with the awesome backdrop of the brightly-lit Petronas Twin Towers. That’s all for the dinner; beautiful ambience, wonderful view, good services but sometimes a bit slow, food tasted ordinary, and price reasonable but still costly for us. A good dining experience overall.


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