Hey, June is here. Football fever is coming…

No more waiting. Or to be exact, just a few more days, then the much anticipated 2014 FIFA World Cup will kick-starts in Brazil from 12 June to 13 July. Football fever is rising among us, no matter where you are, since football is forever being the most popular sport in the world. I don’t like to play football and I also don’t like to watch football match. However, FIFA World Cup is always an exception even for me. I will stay till midnight just to watch its semifinal and final matches no matter how sleepy I am. I have done that from 2002 (Japan and South Korea hosting), 2006 (Germany) and the last edition in 2010 (South Africa).


(Image source: http://babaklix.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/fifa-world-cup-2014-brazil-ball-8.jpg)

I won’t pay much attention to early matches as I’m more interested on which teams advancing closer to the trophy. From 12th June onward, expect more sleepy and tired-looking employees, more careless works, and sudden loud scream at midnight when there is a football match taking place. Hmm…I find that the time difference from every past host nation of the World Cup always making it inconvenient for us here in Malaysia. We had to stay up till late night just to watch the live broadcast of the matches. Eventhough it is still early to judge, which nation do you think will take home the trophy this 20th edition of the FIFA World Cup? I predict Brazil (host), Germany, Netherlands and Spain (2010 winner) to be the last four standing. You?

Ok…no more football at this moment first. For me, football madness will only commence by July when the most crucial (last few) matches are going to take place. Hence, my blog’s header for this month would not be about this World Cup yet. It has to continue with my top 5 best city skylines feature, started with Shanghai (March), New York (April), Hong Kong (May). Now, comes Chicago for month of June. I had no doubt on selecting these four cities to be the world’s top skylines. These marvelous cities obviously stood out above the rest. And Chicago. Thumbs up. Wonderful looking skyline of a city located in the northern region of United States. I have chosen this breathtaking image (original source: http://us.cdn291.fansshare.com/images/chicago/chicago-skyline-evening-sunset-skyline-386261637.jpg) for the visual which prominently shown some tallest buildings in the city too (from left to right: John Hancock Center, Trump International Hotel and Tower, Willis Tower). A copy of the blog’s header below (click on it for large version):


But now, I’m finding difficulty on choosing the last city to be included into this honored ranking. These four are easy as they also dominated all other rankings of similar sort out there. Perhaps, I will just shrink the list down to top 4, which also gives me space to slot in ‘FIFA World Cup 2014 feature’ into my next month’s blog header. Seems great…

Can’t believe it is already June now. The kids here are still enjoying their mid-year break. Good for them. Good for me too, as there would be lesser congestion on roads every morning this coming two weeks on my way to office. Ahh…tomorrow is the Chinese’s Duanwu Festival (or known as Dragon Boat Festival). Time to eat some ‘zongzi’ (sticky rice treats wrapped in bamboo leaves). Happy Duanwu Festival! That’s it for my first post of the month. Bye…



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