Today marks the arrival of 2 pandas to Malaysia from China.

The two giant pandas from China had finally arrived in Malaysia! Two years ago, Malaysian and China governments signed a deal for two giant pandas named Feng Yi and Fu Wa to be loaned to Malaysia for 10 years to mark the 40th anniversary of diplomatic ties between the two countries that year. Their 10-year stay here at Zoo Negara, Malaysia is seen as a symbol of strong friendship between Malaysia and China. However, the recent incident of the missing plane MH370 (that carries passengers mostly from China and the plane still not found yet after it disappeared on March 8 this year) had affected the situation. The pandas which are supposed to be here last month was subjected to postponement.

Finally, both pandas arrived today here in the early morning from Chengdu, China. They are doing well now and are adjusting to the new environment here. Both are now quarantined for a month before its viewing is opened to public a month later. Do you know that pandas are available in many zoos across the world too as they are presented out to various countries also as a sign of friendship between the involved nations with China?

Their arrival today is sensational, as many Malaysians are very excited about this. Not me, because I have seen pandas before in my past trip to Beijing few years ago. Nevertheless, pandas are cute adorable animals. And they are endangered species. But having need to pay extra RM20 (plus RM30 entrance fee to the zoo, that would sum up to RM50) to just take a look at the two pandas in National Zoo is a bit too much. Don’t you think so?


Why they need to impose such expensive charge for visitors? The reasons are that our government paid a lot for this (from loaning it from China to building a special huge facilities for the two superstar pandas) and also that our National Zoo needs some extra income!  I recalled from past news that the new facilities cost millions of ringgit to build. Would it be that expensive? I seriously doubt it. And our locals’ major impression of Zoo Negara? An uninteresting tourist destination and a dirty habitat for animals. I hope they refurbish and improves in all that before receiving pandas and eventually welcoming more visitors next month onwards.

Would you pay that extra cash just to see the two pandas? Furthermore, you are only given 20 minutes in the zone to view Feng Yi and Fu Wa. For me, I won’t. This ‘Panda Zone’ will be only opened to the public end of next month as mentioned earlier after an officiating ceremony by the Prime Minister whom had announced that he will give new local names to both pandas. Ehh…hope it won’t turn out to be bad names and I hope the pandas do stay here healthy and happily. Don’t wish anything bad happening to them. If not, China would be mad at us again after so many previous incidents (MH370, kidnapping of a Chinese national at Sabah, etc) sparking hatred and disappointment from the Asian superpower to our country.


Anyway, welcome to Malaysia, Fu Wa and Feng Yi (the two lovely giant pandas from China). You are here with us for ten years!

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)



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