Time flies. Already 2 years in my first job after graduation.

December 2011: Officially graduated with a degree Bachelor of Applied Science in Architecture from Curtin University, Australia with the 3+0 programme taken at Limkokwing University of Creative Technology.

January – April 2012: Full holiday status. Getting lazy and chilling around everyday. That’s a long break. During that period of time, I do drop by sometimes to help my dad’s business and also looking for oversea’s universities to continue for my master study.

May 2012: Decided to look for job first to gain working/practical experience before master study. Had done two to three interviews. Realized that location do matters in finding job, and people mostly looking for experienced employees. Wait? Everyone has to start out with zero experience too, right?!

21 May 2012: Finally settled down in a small architecture firm (design consultancy company) in KL. First day of work. Realizing working in architecture is so much different than studying this particular field. Looking forward to learn, and work at the same time. Choosing small firm gives me opportunity to multi-task and work on various categories (authority submission, contract documents, construction drawings, project management, office record and filing, design stage, presentation, etc). And that’s a right decision.


21 May 2014: (TODAY) Adjusted well to the working environment already. Getting along well with colleagues. And most importantly, I have officially gained 2 years of valuable working experience. The amount of knowledge and skills I have learnt is priceless, and there is a lot more for me to learn and explore. Can be a bit proud to say that my job performance is good so far. Steady and moving forward. Also happy that my salary is increased several times already within the past two years.

Due to the frequent changes of staff in my office, I can be considered a senior already eventhough I had only been working there for like 2 years. Sharing is a good deed. Hence, comes my time now to share what I have learnt or know to my juniors, while at the same time, still absorbing knowledge from my older seniors and from my employers. Since now I roughly know what’s and how my boss wanted the works to be done and I already get well with the office’s system, I am given with much more tasks. A good thing or not?

Now, after two years of working, it’s about time for me to re-think and sort out my planning again since my dream of pursuing master study is still there. Would probably decides to pursue the 2-year master study beginning next year.


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