‘Teachers’ do exist in our different stages of life. Happy Teacher’s Day!

Learning is inevitable in our life as we grow. It helps us to gain knowledge, experience and skills useful to improve and enhance our life or even others in days to come. But who is the one lending a hand for us to learn? They are teachers. And ‘teachers’ should not be limited to only those attending to us during our schooling years. As soon as we were born, our first teachers are none other than our parents.

When we were babies, they were the one teaching us the first few basic parts of our life; walking and talking. They continued to care and love us unconditionally till their last breath. They continued to teach us on how to become a successful and the right person that we should become without asking for anything in return. This is the purest and most noble form of teaching. When we stepped into primary and then to secondary schools for about 11 years, we have teachers, one as our class teacher while many others were responsible on a particular subject respectively every year.

Some of my unforgettable memories pertaining my schooling years particularly in my secondary school; moments when the whole class acted like we were so disciplined and quiet as soon as our Mathematics session commenced as the subject teacher was also our school’s Senior Assistant of Students’ Affairs. Also remembered well the fearsome-looking English Literature’s teacher and I will always sit far away hidden from her view during discussion time as I’m afraid my name would be called up in the session. Also didn’t forget how great and strict my Moral Study’s teacher was, whom later helped most of the students in my class to score A in SPM for the subject. Ahha…also remembered that we always hear the sound made from high-heel shoes from our Malay Language’s teacher (she loves to wear high-heel) getting closer when we awaits her arrival during BM session.

And we would all be very happy when it is a no show for any teachers. That means a free period! All the nice memories. Anyway, now I felt like wanting to go back to my secondary school and meet up with my former teachers. Some may have left or retired already. I wonder whether they could remember me since I’m away from school for almost 7 years already. Time flies. They must be very joyful recalling back their time with us when we meet back. Maybe also feeling a bit proud of what we have become now. Hmmm….Also not to forget tuition teachers, since most Malaysian kids must have went for a tuition before since parents here were always not confident of depending solely on school’s contribution to their kids.

When we further our studies on university stage, we have lecturers tutoring us. But it is a bit unfair that they were not being treated for a formal Teacher’s Day celebration like those primary or secondary school teachers. Even when we had finished our studies and went out for working, they are still teachers around us. Why? Our office colleagues (especially our seniors) are our teachers. My senior colleagues taught me a lot of stuff in these two years alone. I really appreciate that. Even employer can be our teacher too, as they usually shares a lot of useful experience and knowledge to us, besides than pushing us to get works done.

Whoever or wherever they are, their contribution on teaching and bringing us to where we are now should be appreciated. Here, I sincerely wishes all my teachers, tutors or lecturers (from all the stages in my life till now) a Happy Teacher’s Day! Thank you so much for what you have did to shape us better. Also forwarding this greeting to all the other good teachers out there!  (Yea, I mean only good teachers as we do encounter some bad ones too, right?).


(Image source: http://www.rvceupdates.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/teachers-day.jpg)



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