Who says abandoned containers can’t be made of good use? Those can be transformed into a house!

That’s innovation and creativity. That’s thinking out of the box. I was referring to brilliant ideas by those people making a house from abandoned shipping containers. Not only that they managed to create a habitable space inside, they also surprisingly make the space much cooler, and eventually putting the idea noticeable and compliment-able in architecture field.

It’s also a sustainable approach of using containers and also recyclable materials to complete the house. The outcome would be more industrialized-looking but once you put in some modern touch to it or whatever style you prefer, then the result would be cool and distinctive. Here are some very good-looking Container House I would like to share with you.

1. A container house in Redondo Beach, California. Well, this is one big and luxurious house. Who says containers couldn’t be turned into a double-volume habitable space? This one comes with pool too. Interesting facade treatment. And the most interesting element is that the living room’s glass wall that can be entirely opened upward to expand the space and also to provide additional shelter to the area.




2. A container house in Savannah, Georgia. You will not feel good for its exterior. But once you get inside, you will be surprised. A very huge contrast between its exterior and interior. You would never expect how modern this humble interior of the container house turned out to be.



3. A container house named Six Oax in Santa Cruz mountains, California. What’s cool of this house is the attention to details and also impressive facade treatment to make the container’s appearance looks new and fantastic.



4. A container house in San Jose Costa Rica. A small house made from only a small budget ($40 000) and the outcome is incredible and unbelievable. A very nice concept of bringing inside out and vice versa, openness, and making full advantage of natural lighting and ventilation. But the only concern here is security and safety.




Wonderful right? I believe there are plenty more interesting container houses like the ones shown above out there. But I guess not a single one in Malaysia yet. We still stick to the normal mindset; the poor targets to buy a terrace house or condominium, the middle-income group targets to buy apartment, double-storey or semi-D, while the rich goes for bungalow. Well, it should be time for innovation and creativity. The idea of container house can be enjoyed by people of all class. It’s now just a matter of daring to try or not. Hmm…now I’m imagining further whether I can have a huge container house that can be also transportable. Then, I can move my house anywhere I like.

(Information and images in this post are from the following source: http://justsomething.co/shipping-containers/#2t090a50n3s.18927.fa)



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